Which is Your Favorite Marantz Amplifier?

I have auditioned many Marantz amplifiers over the years. I admit that I am biased because I now have the PM 15 in my system -- the original 1993 model -- which I believe is the best integrated amplifier that Marantz ever made. It has the most amazing finesse and sound stage that I have ever heard in any integrated amplifier -- no matter what brand. Have a look at this beauty:


You may have a different opinion about Marantz amplifiers. Which is your favorite?
SM 1000 the 'beast', freon cooled. I brought Tony Cordsmens sample. It had to go when I divorced. Fex ever come on the market at a reasonable price, especially ones that still have there coolant intact.
That was a heck of a machine.
You may not have had in mind the tube-based amplifiers made by the original Saul Marantz company, but my nomination would be the Marantz 2 monoblock power amplifier.

Manufactured during the late 1950's and the very early 1960's, they are unquestionably among the best sounding vintage tube amplifiers ever made, and perhaps THE best. I had a pair about 20 years ago, which I still regret selling.

-- Al
Model 9. All else is gaslight.
Model 9 or 8B....
The 1060 integrated that I bought in 1971. My introduction to hi fidelity and changed my life forever (and my bank balance).
Have to go with the PM8004 which is the one I now own, and the only one I have first hand experience. Although not my primary stereo system heart. It has proved too be amazing. Fully featured and well built. Handsome as well. Now the Marantz receivers of yesteryear were really audio jewelry in their look.
A friend loaned me a pair of the MA9s2 a while back. Paired with Dynaudio speakers- MAGIC! Effortless and complete- even at nearly full throttle.
I have an 1120 which is nice, and a 2230 which is remarkably good sounding, but those monoblocks are amazing.
I just picked up a PM-11S3 on Saturday...could be a contender. If I ever get the time to set it up that is. :-)

I agree that the Model 2 was like a laboratory instrument that sounded amazing.
I totally forgot about the 2's. They're rather rare. Got to work on them once. It was something special, and bench tested beautifully.