Which is the most important part of a stereo system?

My system consists of a pair of B&W 630's, an old Denon 50 watt reciever (DRA-550) from the mid 80's, a Marantz CD5004 cd player, and now a Pro-ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable.  I'm pleased with the speakers and the cd player and while the Denon sounds good it has some issues and I want to upgrade.

I'm planning on returning the Pro-ject TT and getting a higher end TT.  I'm also looking into getting a new amp pre amp with a internal DAC.

Is the source the most important? The speakers? 

Please Help!

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I recently setup a pair of $26.00 3 way 12 inch woofer  speakers into another room than my usual.

6 feet apart and sitting in the sweet spot.

The sound was gloriuosly surprising.

Airy..holographic...coming from forward behind and the sides...speakers disapeared...etc...