Which is the most important part of a stereo system?

My system consists of a pair of B&W 630's, an old Denon 50 watt reciever (DRA-550) from the mid 80's, a Marantz CD5004 cd player, and now a Pro-ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable.  I'm pleased with the speakers and the cd player and while the Denon sounds good it has some issues and I want to upgrade.

I'm planning on returning the Pro-ject TT and getting a higher end TT.  I'm also looking into getting a new amp pre amp with a internal DAC.

Is the source the most important? The speakers? 

Please Help!

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Just in case nobody mentioned it already which they probably didn’t - the fuse, be it ever so humble. Another one nobody probably mentioned is electrical connections of all non-audio outlets. And one more nobody mentioned  - how many CDs are in the room.
Obviously that wouldn’t solve the problem.

I did the test. I built a special cabinet to be a Faraday cage, then used theoretically optimal 99.99% pure silver conductors inside teflon tubular insulators which barely contacted the conductors, which were separated by 50mm for near-zero capacitance. ETI connectors. Compared to premium microphone cable with ETI connectors. Difference negligible.

>>>>>Strictly speaking, that is not a scientifically valid test. That’s the problem generally with cable tests and cable comparisons. There are variables that are not accounted for in the test. Examples:cables not sufficient broken in; cables not cryod; cables’’ directionality not accounted for; the possibility of errors in the test system. Therefore I am inclined to throw your test out. 
I don’t use cables either so scratch cables.
I use headphones so the room is of no use to me. Scratch the room. Also scratch speakers.
Actually I don’t use power outlets so chances are good they aren’t the most important thing.