Which is the better Subwoofer?

I'm a newbe at this so I could use some help. I presently have both a Yamaha RX-V1 Receiver and DVD-CX1 player. I'm looking to purchase either the Definitive Technology Supercube 1 or the Velodyne SPL-1200 Series II. Which sub will give me the most bang for the buck for right now. This will be be my first Subwoofer purchase for my starter system. All ideas and suggestions will be appreciated.
I used the Veloydyne before and liked it very much. I have not tried the Supercube.
The best subwoofer (other than the Krell) is the now discontinued Muse 18. The company is still in business.

There is one listed on this site.

I tried really hard to like the supercube on a couple of ocaisions. It was unlistenable to me.
You will not get the best bang for your buck with either the Velodyne or the Difinitive subs. Especially the Velodynes are over-priced and you pay for the name. I have owned many subs over the years including some very expensive high-end subs like Entec and Muse. I did extensive research before purchasing a HSU VTF-3 MK2 for my surround system. This is an amazing sub suited to even high-end systems. Take a close look at their website and read all the reviews and I think you'll be impressed. Check them out at http://www.hsuresearch.com/

By the way, Velodyne's customer service leaves much to be desired. Hope this helps.
I should have mentioned that I can purchase the Velodyne spl II 1200 for $1048.00 and the Definitive Tech. Supercube1 for 863.96 both new in the box with full factory warrenty from authorized dealers. Thanks for the help
To answer the question you asked: The Velodyne hands down,especially with music
I'd find a Digital Drive series used and the biggest I could afford. It's software WILL allow it to blend into any room you put it in and will sound just the way it should. I've owned two and have the 18" one now in a room 22x20 or so with one wall of sliding glass doors. The software really works! Music or movies its great!