Which is the bestPS Audio cable to use for AV5000?

I recently bought an AV5000 power conditioner and wondering which PS Audio cable to but to replace the stock cord. Will the AC10 be good enough or will the AC12 give better result? Or maybe an AC5 will make no difference. Any input or comment is appreciated.
I would go with a Statement from the previous generation; at least 8 guage and they are avalable new on ebay for under $200. I use one on my PS Quintet.
I have the Statment Sc, and while its an outstanding cable the new AC10 or AC12 will yeild better results extended highs, fuller mids and much deeper bass than the Statement Sc. While I have'nt tried the Ac12 I have an Ac10 and at 10 awg it beats out the Statements 8awg in all the areas above. And from what I hear the AC12 is only gets better. If you got the bucks get the AC12 or AC10,as I'll be replacing my Statement with the AC12 or another AC10. hope this helps.