Which is the best single-ended tube amp

I am thinking about buying a new single-ended tub amp. Any suggestion? Cary Audio, Audion??
I've tried many....and end up with Cary 805C but I belive that the best is Jadis 300B..out of my reach...
The Viva Aurora, from Italy. Introduced two years ago at CES, is just now really being shipped. It uses the Svetlana SV 572, has near 1000 Volt rails and produces 24 watts. It will be used to run the reference system for two exhibitors in the CES in Jan at Vegas 2000.
Well I'd say that Jadis SE 845 $ 20000 haven't heard anything better yet..I'd like to hear Aurora stuff... maybe one day,huh
wondering why the name UNISON never comes up when single ended amps are mentioned. beautiful products from Italy. company also makes an excellent pre-amp and an intergrated amp that is off the planet, about 20g's i think. the mono blocks and pre amp are well worth listening to, seperate phono is only so so.
Lamm Audio ML-2. Besides ultimate musicality and trasparency, top to bottm, this little 18 watter will trounce any Krell or Levinson, etc. bass too. This is really the best amplifier in the world. Bar none!
Art Audio makes superb-sounding, gorgeous products, very affordable by SE standards. KR tubes, super transformers. They've received more rave reviews than anything else in the past year. Most recent is the review of the 20 wpc Jota, $7500, on soundstage.com. It's very well written and articulate, and right on the mark! The 13 wpc Diavolo is $6000 for 13 BIG wpc. Yes, I've had it in my system, and will acquire one. These amps exist at a level way above the normal hubbub of blah-blah what's best. They are a new paradigm that you can live with for a long, long time. Note the Stereophile June 21 review, and soundstage.com, September, that found Silverline Sonata and Sonatina to be exquisite with SEs, including the Art. Please visit the website, artaudio.com.
BAT VK-60 and the 50se preamp sound exquisite and make seemless sound.
Depends how much you want to spend......but you just can't go wrong with Audio Note [UK] one of the oldest and most reputable English manufacturers. See their website at Audionote.co.uk. They do great kits as well. I have a 7W stereo Conqueror which drives speakers really well.
Blue Circle BC 2000 hybrid (tube/ss) monoblocks. The best of all worlds in two wonderfully weird upright boxes.