Which is the best preamp for the BEL 1001 MKVs?

I have a pair of BEL 1001 MKVs and trying to find a best matched preamp. My price range is about 1k to 2k and prefer tube preamp. Any suggestion?
I have used the following preamps with my MKV: VTL 5.5, Manley Shrimp, and the Audio Research SP16. All have low output impedences and mate very well with the BEL amp. The order of listing is my preference as well. All are in your price range used or new.
Thanks for the reponse. I am thinking about either Audio Research or BAT preamp. I like the BAT VK5i but it does not have RCAs output whereas the BELs have only RCA. The Cary preamp is also in my list.
if you are looking at bat vk5.. may want to to look at a vk-30... similiar sonics and has rca's..
Hi, my favorite is the Theta Gen. VIII which is what I'm currently running. In the price range you mention I'd look into a PSE HL-1. It's the best I've heard under $2k. It also has a lot of features other Pre-amps don't have. If you're willing to save up, I suggest an Aesthetix unit. It's superb!
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hovland hp100 -outstanding match also audio research ls 8 mk II bob hovland modified-do not worry about the low input imp. of the amp and highiess output imp of the hovland.had that.
Thanks for your all suggestions. I have tried the BELs with Hovland HP100 and then VTL 5.5. They both sound good with the BEL I slightly prefer the VTL due to the bigger soundstage and better midrange. The Hovland is better in the high and inner detail. To me, nothing beats the BEL in the bass and separation. I have tried some other tube amps that cost twice of a BEL but nothing comes close. Best solid amp that I have heard under 10k. They are a keeper.:)
This response may be a bit late, but here goes. I have a pair of BEL 1001 MkV's and have tried several preamps until a ran across a local sale on a used Aesthetix Calypso preamp. The rest of my system is: Ayre C5x-e cd player, MacIntosh MR-67 (modded) tuner, Dali Euphonia MS-5, and all BEL RCA interconnects and speaker cable. This system is very satisfying, and the Calypso preamp has taken the sound to a whole new level.
Late to the game, but the Hovland hp100 and Art Audio Gill Alana have both been in my system (driving Meadowlark Blue Heron II's) and the Mk V married the Hovland superbly. I am looking for another Mk V to try a mono setup.
This is an update to my post on 10-29-09. I replaced my Aesthetix Calypso preamp with a VTL 7.5, everything else has remained the same. Needless to say, this may be as good as it gets and I have no plans on changing either the pre or the amps anytime soon. Peace.
Do you still have your amps? If so, would you be interested in selling them?