Which is the best matching speakers for PASS XA60?

If any one used these mono blocks, Pls suggest the best matching speakers.
They match very well with my Silverline Sonata III. Silverline uses Pass Labs amps when designing their speakers, and they use Pass Labs at audio shows.

The amps can handle any impedance curve, so the question is how much volume you require.

Frankly, I would think any speaker of reasonable sensitivity (89db+) would be a good match as long as the room is not large, and you do not listen at very loud volumes. Otherwise, higher sensitivity is better since you will get more volume from the Pass Labs' 60 watts.

I sometimes listen with peaks in the mid 100dB region, and my room is 20x16. The XA-60.5 doesn't break a sweat.
Thank you sir for the advise. Actually my setup is Mark Levinson cd player (39) and Siltech cables and the pre
I am using the Placette custom made balanced RVC which is
not givng expected perfomence. Hence, Please suggest me
the good pre-amps too for this XA60.
Rabbani, are you asking about the XA60 or XA60.5? With the .5 I think you can use almost any speaker that is 88db or higher, with impedance profile being much less important than with the non .5 version. In the case of the non.5 version I think you need speakers that have more benign, smoother impedance curves and the higher nominal the better. I would not not think an RVC would be a great match with the low input impedance of the Pass amps, if you like the general sound of the Placette you might want to try the Placette Active. I used the Dodd Battery pre with the XA30.5 and that was a very good match due to the preamps low output impedance and like your Placette is also "off the grid".
... good pre-amps too for this XA60

Lamm LL2, Klyne 7
Hello Rabbani-

From what I have heard of Pass I'm sure that the Pass XA60 if a fantastic sounding amp! However, in my experience for long term musical satisfaction with the least amount of bad or side-way moves may I give you my advice ....

First, build the system around what you feel is the best sounding speaker for your room. Then look for the IYO best sounding amp that can drive those speakers in your room. Keep in mind your listening habits such as your choice of material and overall volume levels you like to listen at when picking the right amp for you. Then look to the other components such as the preamp and your choice of front-end sources.

Try to pick what you feel are the most neutral well balanced sounding components as possible with the least amount of compromise in any one area of performance. This way when you go to choose your cabling you won't have to tip-toe around what the the other components are doing to the sound.

I realise this isn't the specific advise you asked for but I thought it may be helpful to you or others with future purchases.

Good luck,
Good advice Tom. Certainly the way to go IMHO. I do think the Pass will sound good with a very wide range of speakers, especially the .5 series. And if you need less power, the XA30 may be better yet. I would still go for tubes, but in the SS world Pass is tough to beat for my taste (Ayre should certainly be auditioned).