Which is the best King Crimson remaster?

I need to know which remaster of In The Court Of The Crimson King is the best one. It was discussed by members before, but I can't seem to find the thread. Thanks Joe
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Hi Joe:

I like the 40th anniversary release best. I find this version truer sounding to the original vinyl that I owned in the late 60's. I felt that the 30th anniversary release did not sound right, the mix sounded shrill.

The Mobile Fidelity remaster is excellent also. Tough to find though- be prepared for the big dollars if you find one.
I've searched some of the music sites, and neither of the above mentioned seem to be available. Guess I'll have to keep trying, Thanks. Any other suggestions on good remasters of this album?
Here are the search results for the 40th anniversary edition on Amazon. Depending on whether you want the DVD-A version included any, of the first three listed are the actual 40th anniversary remastered release.

Thanks Joe. Once I typed in 40th anniversary edition, all the available discs were shown. I'm off and running......
To date, the best I've heard 'In The Court' sound was on the 2010 vinyl reissue.

As for the Steven Wilson remixes of the catalog, I have not yet heard the surround mixes and have only heard 'Red' in Hi-Rez format. In general I think the Wilson remixes are 'cleaner' sounding but they are also a bit drier compared to the originals, which is not really my thing, but it's always interesting to hear these albums from a different perspective.

Of the 70's era Crimson remixes I've heard so far, 'Starless' and 'Larks' are the ones I like the most.