Which is the best controller for classical music?

Could you please suggest the best Android/iOS controller for classical music? Or, is there a controller that would let you customize the fields for searching/accessing (not restricted to song, album, artist, etc)?


Not sure I understand your question. If by controller... you mean the software that indexes and catalogs your music collection and then lets you play it to a USB or some device... You will be disappointed. Other then album title artist and song title... little else is sucked in off of a CD rip and the databases that are out there really don't add much useful information for classical music.

The tag information for classical music is pretty barren. I looked into to it and just decided to follow the lead of several users of the JRiver software. I then manually edited my collection.... (it becomes part of the fun)

If someone knows of a really rich database that you could use to fill out your custom DB ... I would love to know.

Jriver has a great database and the set of tools and software tools like Gizmo allow you to run the system pretty well though android devices. (I have not done this though) See their forum section on this.