Which is the best amp for Silverline Sonata?

Recently purchased a pair of Silverline Sonata.
NOT having good sound at all with my Marantz PM-17.
Blurry, no focus, lifeless...
Its like a speaker with a blanket over them.

Heard the Silverline Sonata are better with tube amps.
Want to know if you guys have some recommendations for me...
Any inputs are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
I'm using a pair of the Sonatinas II with a PrimaLuna Prologue
2 integrated amp 40 wpc tube amp with very satisfing results.
Primalunas are about $1300 new, $1100 used. Excellent value.
I have Sonata III's currently driven with Quicksilver Mono 100's. This I beleive is overkill with 100 watts of power but they sound great. I am going to go with a 300B SET monos not sure which ones. Possibly Wellbourne Tereplane, Ladyday or ??? I would like to hear from Silverline owners using 300B SET amps. Quicksilver has the Mini Mite Mono 25 watts for $998 I believe these would sound great.
Pass aleph series amps sound wonderful with the Sonatas
I am using Atma-sphere M60 MkII.3's with a passive preamp. Superb clarity, imaging and soundstaging. Previously Manley 120 watt tube monoblocks - softer, warmer, tubey. Not as quick or authoritative in the bass department but clean & satisfying.

I guess I am saying perhaps your speakers are showing weakness upstream and yes-tubes!
Silverline voices all their speakers on Pass Labs gear. The X series......X250.5 would be magical.
First of all, congrats on your choice of speakers...No offense, but the Sonata's will sing once you upgrade the rest of your equipment to the level of the Sonata's.

I'm not sure what your price range is, but I'm running my Sonata II's with a BAT VK 200 ss amp ($1250 used) with a Joule Electra LA 150 tubed preamp. Someday, finances permitting, I may try to upgrade to a higher end tube amp, but for now, the sound is very good once warmed up.

If you want to stay with an integrated, I would be looking @ the CARY SLI 80 ($2K used) or maybe the Cayin KT-88 ($1900 new).

I strongly recommend you stay away from mass market brands like Marantz & Denon when looking for amps. Spend a few weeks researching old links on Audiogon, and you will find many suitable options in many price ranges. Enjoy the journey.
They do like watts folks. 100 watts really opens them up and brings them to life. Any good tube amp will make these sing. 70 watts or more are better. Yes they sound good and even great with 10 SET watts, but 70 watts or more from CJ, Bruce Moore or Mcalister Audio will floor you.

Blue Circle or Monarchy hybrid amps work great with this speaker also.