Which is for me, floorstanding, or books w subs?

I have a small room, about the size of a dorm, and am getting a denon avr 1708. I mainly listen to music through my computer.I listen to mainly metal and rock, look up children of bodom-are you dead yet, and A perfect circle the outsider for ex.

I have been told that I might be better off getting bookshelf speakers with a sub, but comparing my dads sony surround system with my pair of old fisher floor standing(ds-825) and my friends klipsch forte It's, I kind of like the sound of the floor standing better. Then again, I haven't really heard what stereo books w/ subs can do and sound like configured for my kind of music.

So what do you think? Also give examples less than $400.
In looking back at your past posts, didnt you pretty much as this same question a few months ago ? Ideas were given as to "what might" work, but even those suggestions were a little over your intended budget.

Not trying to be disrespectful when I say this, but with a budget of only $400, your choices for a speaker that can play the music you like is very limited, if there are any.

I see this as you have two options here, one would be to keep what you currently have or two would be to continue to save more money which will open up more options for speakers that " might " work.
For that budget I would urge you to look into a used pair of KEF Q series speakers, Q30 or above if you think floorstanders will be the solution.
Headphones are your best bet on your budget.
I was quite impressed with the Boston Acoustics CR-8 a few years ago. Whatever its successor is today, it's probably also pretty darn good for the money (which should be within your ballpark).

Hi guys, the gentleman has already told us what he likes, Klipsch. I would suggest a pair of Hersey's, usually around $325 to $500. The trade off here is the bass may not go as low as the Fortes. Klipsch has several other models too I think in the RF line. You should visit your local Best Buy to hear them. I would seriously suggest a pair of Athena AS F2 or 2.2's. Efficient, and excellent bass response. Used most likely under $400. Check Audio Advisor to see if they still have some. They were $300 a pair or so at one time. The Energy line of speakers are made in the same factory and are very very similar to the Athenas.
You can find used Klipsch anytime on AG or Ebay and other sites. They make a bookshelf or two with pretty good bass and and a sub can be added later. By the way they play at rocker levels too. I hope you don't have a lease. Most of those floor models can cause some problems above you as well as next to you and below you. Some models of Klipsch can get peaky or bright. Listen to them first. If you want it loud and clear and clean check out the Klipsch. With the receiver you have and some plain Monster Cable or Kimber 4PR it should be a nice sound.
In your price range a pair of Polk Audio speakers such as these is what I'd look at. Not these specifically but in the ball park. Oh yea, no affiliation with the seller I just think Polk speakers are good for what you want.
I built a small system for my son using Paul's TAD speakers. Took quite a while to burn them in, but for the $$ they rock just fine.

I haven't heard his new 805C Tower Setup, but same design/idea as the older model.

The TAD 805SD and TAD SW150 show up here used too.

No matter what speakers you end up going for... I would buy the best I could afford, and add a sub later if desired, when more funds are available. Especially at this price point.
Oh, I have one more suggestion. Visit av123.com and take a look at the X Series of speakers. They are under $500 and look very very interesting. They have some bookshelf speakers with a sub in your price range and you get a 30 day trial. This may be the ticket. I hear one of the guys behind them is the guy from Audio Alchemy. They will play loud too.
Used Vandersteen 1C. Music. Less than $500. By far the best option.