which is better, Sony SCD-1, or SCD-XA777ES?

Which is better, in any/all catagories, Sony SCD-1, or the new SCD-XA777ES? Why is the SCD-777ES (older model) selling for more than the SCD-1 online?


According to the reviews, the SCD-1 still has a very slight lead.

If you're looking for 2-channel only, then the SCD-1 is the best option because of it's slightly superior sonics, built quality (it's a 56 lbs. tank), and aesthetics.


No question; SCD-1.

Redbook-SCD-1, SACD playback-depends on if you want more in your face/SCD-1 or laid back/Xa777.
What prices are you seeing for the SCD-1? Were you referring to the used (about $1700) prices of the SCD-777ES? Or does someone have new stock of the old triple 7?
New SCD-1 is running around $3400.00 for new online Yahoo, SCD-777ES is going anywhere from $3500. to $4200.00 on online Yahoo
Rich, those prices are way off, for the 777ES I mean. Maybe they are in Canadian. $3400 is even a little high for the SCD-1, but not unbelievable. 777ES is at around $1500-$2000. Gary.
I bought my new SCD-1 for $US3000.00 in November 02 from a online dealer in Cambridge, Mass. The player must be around 2800-3000 today. Another dealer out of Georgia, www.oade.com, was selling at the same price in November.
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