Which is better Nautilus VS Classic Records "CSN"

Who has compared the Nautilus Reissue of Crosby, Stills & Nash's 1st. LP against the Classic Records Reissue ? Which one do you like better & Why? What Turntable & Cartridge do you use?
I rather hate to admit this, since I value and really enjoy all of the wonderful vinyl reissues that have been coming out recently, and I by no means have an original pressing bias (quite the contrary in fact), but to my surprise I found a nondescript reasonably early Atlantic pressing of the CSN to be preferable to the Classic Records reissue. I haven't listened to a Nautilus reissue, so can't comment there.

Several friends and I listened together, and we had high hopes for the Classic reissue based on all the comments. But, in comparison to the Atlantic pressing, the Classic was "flat" and uninvolving, largely due to the recessed vocals. The tonal balance on a CD reissue was more true to the original's balance. A disappointment.

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I have some other Classic Records pressings (Stephen Stills Manassas, David Crosby If only I could remember my name) and the Nautilus pressing of CSN's 1st album, I have not compared but would bet the Nautilus is better. There is something very sweet and euphonic about Nautilus.
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Its amazing to me some people still assume reissues are superior the the original pressing in most cases. The original question on this thread illustrates this point.

Now the the answer to your question as I have many copys of this LP hear are my listning impressions.

Classic Reissue: Dull and lifeless compaired to the original US issue. After one play this record went back into my collection and never came out again. I will probally sell it later this year sine I have no use for it.

Nautilus Pressing: This record has the poorest sound qualility of any CSN record I have. Good german vinly can not make up for the poor mastering of this record. Avoid

Original 1969 Atlantic copy: Sound is natural and vibrant in the vocals and I really enjoy the musical involvement with the overall excellent sound quality. Balanced top to bottom and by far the best pressing I have. (see note below)

(Note: I have five US original copys of this record and I selected the best of the five by process of elimination through listning on my Basis Debut Vacuum table. There is alot of vairation wtih this record as millions were produced through the early 1970's. A few Copys are excellent, most are good to fair and some are poor. Natural selection of the best is only possible by buying mutiple pressings of the same record and selecting the superior sounding vinly record. Luckly I paid $1-$2 for my copys so the cost is still far less than the new $30 inferior classic Reissue some people buy. Good Listening.