which is better msb ilink or wadia 170

msb ilink and wadia 170 both bypass the ipods dac.
The "real question" is:Who will provide better support.
wadia and msb are both very good about customer support. I have owned gear from both and have sent gear to be upgraded. msb ilink deals with the jitter of the digtial that will be comming out of the ipod. How, they use a dsp and high recision oscillators to re-clock the spdif output of the ipod. I have emailed wadia to see what they do if anything to address the problem of jitter output from the ipod. will let you know, i own the msb platinum dac3 and a wadia 521 i want to who had the better soultion for the ipods so far i think its msb
Doesn't the Wadia go for 299 and the MSB for 2000, plus they have to mod your ipod for it to work? Hardly comparable products.
yes Ejlif the wadia 170 sells for 299. The wadia is just a ipod dock. On the other hand the msb ilink is an ipod transport.
The wadia is using the digital stream BUT...and here is the difference between the $300 and $2000; the wadia grabs the digital stream AFTER apple touches it i.e converts the raw feed from the drive to spdif...etc. MSB modifies the unit and grabs the digital stream DIRECTLY off the hdd before anything is done to it, then with there proprietatry tech they convert the signal to spdif and return a signal with a measured jitter of around 7ps. There is a big difference.

I only know this because I spoke at length today with MSB about this topic...i.e "how is that others are claiming to offer digital out the port with no mods having been performed".

I have decided to go for the ilink and connect it to my Meitner Bidat.
I have both products and am just starting to compare. My friend who knows someone at MSB says they are very nervous about the itransport. Can you say what it is that the Wadia does to the sound that MSB doesn't?