Which is better, Lex. DC 1 or Theta Casanova

Would like opinions from those who have auditioned both. I am 60/40 music over HT. Thank you.
Drop the DC1 from consideration for music--It digitizes all analog inputs. I compared it directly to two other cheaper pre/pros and the DC1 finished dead last in 2-channel(great for surround though).

Personally I think a better way to go, if music is your priority, is to get something like a $500 Outlaw A/V receiver for HT processing and buy a high-quality stereo preamp to run your front channels for critical 2-channel listening. If you get a stereo preamp with an HT passthrough feature it will seamlessly integrate with the Outlaw so you can easily switch between HT and stereo by simply pushing a button. These are available from companies such as McCormack, Adcom, C-J, ARC, Levinson/Proceed, VAC, Rogue, BAT, etc. Pre/pros that do a good job with stereo are pricey and you'll have to sweat future upgrades.

Here's an example: Pick up an Adcom GFP-750 stereo preamp(Stereophile Class A) for around $1200 and the Outlaw for a total cost of $1700. You'll get decent HT processing and true high-end, 2-channel performance that you'd have to spend $6000 or more on a pre/pro to begin to match. Just a thought on another way to go. Best of luck.

From all that I've read, the DC-1 is nothing more than middle-of-the-road at best and the MC-1 was suppose to be much better but even that one is B-rated sonically by Stereophile.

If you're looking for a musical pre/pro, there is certainly better out there than the DC-1.
I have the Casanova. I traded a DC-1 for it. I think the Theta is much better overall for music and it does great HT. The Theta does volume control in the analog domain, i.e. it does not digitize and throw away data to attenuate volume. I too listen to mostly music and occasional HT. I think Tim's recommendation is the ultimate way to do both and I'll probably do that some day as well. But for now the Casanova is pretty good. if you have more bucks to spend, there's always the Casablanca...
I've owned a Theta Casa-Nova for about a year. With the right everything else in place it sounds pretty good. I can honestly say I don't crave another pre-amp, though I have been known to fantasize about the Casa Blanca II with extreme dacs from time to time :^)
Soix's advice is spot on - given your leaning toward music it's by far the best way to go for the quality stereo, and cost effective as well. More flexible for future upgrades as well!
I've used both of these preamps in the past. May I recommend something much better sonically in the Classe SSP30 or similar!?! Eithr that, or the likes of a used Aragon Soundstage, or even modest little Acurus Act 3!!
All of these units sound clea cean clean!, have tons of detail and clarity, and are simple to use. Also, the advantge of these units is that, besides sounding fantastic, will do ADVANCED BASS MANAGEMENT!...WHICH IS CRITICAL TO PROPER SET-UP FOR HT IN MY OPPINION!(this is Why Outlaw audio offers flexible bass mgmt processors).
Other great sounding pieces for a 2 ch/DD/DTS pre/pro, would be Krell HTS(no dirrect input however for Analog in's), and Proceed AVP. Both of these don'thave ABM however, and I don't think do dirrect analog thru-puts for Anlog in on CD, etc. However, I find you usually will still get better results using the Digital in from the DVD player and processing in the processor instead.
However, for money, flexibility, and features (minus the Analog thru's, is the Classe SSP30...great sounding piece, THX, ABM, etc...and affordable for new. Good Luck
I am switching from a Lexicon DC1 to Anthem AVM20 or Tag AVR32...I can't believe how the DC1 gets knocked for 2-channel. I am trying to get an A/B comparison done, and am eager to hear the difference, cause I liked my DC1 in 2-channel. Granted my DC1 is my first step into "high end" gear; everthing previous was recievers.

Thanks guys I very much appreciate your input and suggestions.
The Casanova is one of the most musical HT pieces I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. It is basiclly a slightly paired down version of the Casablanca II. Paired with the dreadnaught or some Plinius amps and you well have one sweet sounding system.