Which is better Krell KAV 500/5 vs. Krell Showcase 7

Looking to build a HT. Currently have an offer for Krell kav 500 and showcase 7 for about  1000$ each. Is one better than the other? Build quality, sound, heat production, ability to serve as an additional 2 channel system, etc. Both will be recapped prior to sale. Also, have an option to buy Krell HTS2 as a processor. Is this still any good. Can get both processor and amp for 1.5k. Speakers will be Vienna acoustics hyden and maestro 5.1channel and Rel s5 sub. Also have an option to get latest denon as a pre amp. Please advise. 

I would go with the Showcase 7.  The KAV 500 is older and this series sounded warmer with less resolution.    The Showcase 7 also has the newer pre-driver circuits.

For the processor, if you can find an HTS 7.1 in good working condition, this is better than the HTS2.  Same details, the HTS 7.1 used the newer higher-resolution analog circuits.