Which is better - Hi end CD transport or Music server into DAC?

Guys - I have the Music Vault diamond server which is great- My question in which is better a hi end Transport into my DAC or the Music vault sever?- strictly thinking sound quality- thks
A high end music Server, truly optimized for music playback, will top any general use computer that is being used for music playback 
I agree with BigKidz in that when you get into the no-compromise components in either servers or transports the sound quality is very close with each doing certain things better.

Please don't be offended by what I'm going to say: few people that make these comparisons are comparing apples to apples.
Some DACs have excellent S/PDIF inputs and poor USB inputs. Some DACs have excellent USB inputs and poor S/PDIF inputs. Few DACs have equal performance on all inputs.

The same is true of HDMI vs Ethernet vs USB inputs: not all are created equal so no one can make a blanket statement.

And what transport vs what music server are you comparing?
There's a huge difference between an Oppo multi-disk player and a high-end audio optimized CD transport. And there is a huge difference between one of the entry level CEC transports and their mid to upper level TL2N, TL1N, and TL0X.
The same is true in computer music servers: there is a huge difference between a MacBook Pro and an audiophile optimized music server.

When I hear people who consider a $1,000 Oppo multi-disk player an audiophile transport or a MacBook Pro a music server I just shake my head and roll my eyes. They may be excellent mid-fi bargains but no comparison to the potential of transports or music servers.

So I caution any of you who read threads like this who are inexperienced to take most of what you read with a grain of salt. Many of the people who post blanket statements in regards to the superiority of one technology over the another in reality have very limited experience.
My digital stereo sources are Blue-ray, SACD, and CD using an Ayre Dx-5 DSD or Roon via Ethernet using an Ayre QX-5 Twenty.  Both deliver balanced analog to an Ayre KX-5 Twenty, and both sound superb.  But somehow the discs seem just a bit more involving.
@fuzzbutt17 - most people have never heard a high end transport or DAC for that matter.  My problem is that it is now hard to find a really good transport to replace my Audiomecca Mephisto and Metronome transports which back in the day and even by todays standards are hard to find and very few transport sound as good as.

Happy Listening.
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