Which is better for sound quality?

http://www.ti.com/product/OPA2134 OR http://www.ti.com/product/OPA1642, the OPA1642 can be used fully diferential(balanced) to a studio monitor or amp, just like the OPA2134, but which has a better sound quality? the OPA1642 is in a Roland Mobile UA USB interface(https://www.roland.com/global/products/mobile_ua/) with the DAC AKM AK4414EQ, and the OPA2134 in the Emotiva DAC pre-amp XDA1(https://darko.audio/2011/08/emotiva-xda-1-dac/) with the DAC Analog devices AD1955.

If you can afford it go 2 x OPA627’s on these adaptors, but make sure you get the OPA627’s from authorized Texas dealers, or 100% you will get fakes, and they are expensive.
If you can’t afford the 627’s get the OPA2134’s 80% of the 627’s with a strong but just a touch more rounded bass

Cheers George
 Ok, but which one do you prefer of those two? the OPA1642 or OPA2134 and why? thanks :-)
Excuse me, it's not the OPA1642, it's the TPA6120A2 vs OPA2134, which one is better for audio, which has better quality, thanks.


Do you know what package this comes in, how will you use/install that?
Cheers George
I am glad George is part of our group.

Hello everyone, I have the DAC Emotiva XDA-1 preamp with the DAC Analog Devices AD1955 and Burr Brown OPA-2134 op-amps, I want to update to the Burson Audio Play with the DAC: ESS Technology SABRE32 / ESS9018 and NE5532 X 3, NE554 X 2 op-amps, would it be a good update to the Burson Audio? thank you very much to all.