Which is better for a DBA (Swarm); powered subs or unpowered?

I want to start building a swarm (starting with 2 subs), on a budget.  Starting with $1000, am I better off buying two used powered subs, three less expensive used powered subs, or a subwoofer amp (eg Dayton SA1000) and two (less expensive) used unpowered subs?  What is the advantage of having a discrete subwoofer amp?  Room size is 13'x22'. 
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@cheeg FWIW - I have just received an set up my Swarm DBA in a small 10' x 14' room with excellent results.

I previously tried different subwoofers, none of which could provide reliable quality bass. The room is just too small and easily overwhelmed with the lower frequencies.

I (hesitantly) decided to go with the Swarm after reading through the postings here (in particular from millercarbon and noble100) and other sources.  These are very knowledgeable people with real world experience.

Now with all 4 subs singing, bass is extremely present, dynamic, fast and very clear. Everything I read in the posts were true and not exaggerated. 

I would start out with the Dayton and two passive subs for now.  Add the other subs later.  You'll be that much closer to an awesome DBA.

Also, 3 of my subs are placed up on shelves facing the ceiling.  Duke from AudioKinesis suggested this arrangement as it augments dispersion in the vertical plane.

Saves floor space too!

Good luck in your quest! 

Here is some info to help anyone sort out the "Swarm" .


He makes a licensed clone of the Audio Kinisis Swarm. It sums up the design philosophy quite nicely.

I am thinking about building my own at some point in the future.
All of my subs are on the floor, with two at the back wall between the speakers and facing each other, about 3' apart. The others are spread out along various parts of the wall and facing toward the room. I am trying to figure out a way to get one or more of mine in the air but in my room it isn't easy. I might need to build some pedestals.

I have also thought about trying one or more subs in a down firing position, but would be curious as to how far from the floor the down facing woofer should be. Same would be true about the woofers facing the wall.
Hi Cheeg

I have a lot better understanding of the issues, but am no closer to deciding whether I should buy a Dayton and cheap passives, or buy two better quality actives and save my pennies for 2 more. Maybe the answer is "it doesn't matter"
It kinda doesn't. It's really a personal preference. Your room is not big enough to create any timing issues amongst the subs to be audible unless you are really sensitive to timing issues. The extra flexibility with the powered subs is not a big difference over the passive subs, it just gives you a little more wiggle room if you don't or can't place the subs in their ideal location. It's the number of drivers that make the magic, not whether they are powered or passive. A lot of people have passive and a lot have powered and both camps are very satisfied with the results. They both have pros and cons which is what I was trying to outline, evidently not very successfully. You really can't make a wrong decision, it boils down to which pros and cons appeals to you the most.
Thank you all for your comments, it’s been an interesting discussion (at least for me). I think I’ve decided to go with the Dayton SA1000 and two 10” or 12” passives; any suggestions on a decent quality sub for ~$300??? I’ve heard someone on this site recommend the Dayton Audio subwoofer kits on Parts Express ($265 for the 10” Ultimax, $311 for the 12”); has anyone heard them, or anything else in this price range?