Which Is Better: Esoteric DV50s or Levinson 390s?

In terms of CD Playback ONLY, which would be the better CD player: Esoteric DV50s or Mark Levinson 390s? Of course, please factor in the universal play capability of the DV50s with your comments. Thank you.
I can't believe no one has a comment about this one? C'mon guys, lets hear some noise.
3zub: I'll respond since you seem somewhat troubled. I'm not familiar with either player, but suggest you do a search. I think you'll find quite a bit from several people with regard to some modded players being better than at least the Esoteric. That seems to be the way many audiophiles are going these days, i.e. toward modded players. Check out other threads about APL, Exemplar, etc. and I think you'll see what I mean. I hope this helps a little bit.
I own an unmodded DV-50, and it is a fine player, but it is bettered by the Linn 1.1 universal. As for the modded players, including modified DV-50s, you will have to check out some of the other (quite lengthy) threads on this subject.
Have not heard the others but I own the 390S. Great machine in an understated sort of way. Superb timing and smooth midrange with awesome 3D depth when partnered with a good preamp.

Great to look at and better built than a Volvo.
I've listened to both at length and when it comes to redbook playback the 390 is much better.
Thank you for your responses gentlemen.
I couldn't find any threads for a direct comparison, but only on the individual machines. I now own a Levinson No.39 player. Very nice, detailed and smooth. I am pleased with the player, but was hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone, i.e. the DV50s allegedly has incredible CD playback plus the DVD video feature. Not sure where the DVD-A and SACD formats are going, and don't really care. I stopped buying multi-channel audio disks last year.
Condider the $8,200 Esoteric UX-3 Universal player if you want to kill two birds with one stone. It's like getting the sound quality of the $6,700 Levinson 390S CD player AND the video quality of one of the best DVD players for $1,500 more. The disc drive mechanism in the UX-3 is built like a tank compared to the DV-50S and 390S.