Which is better Dynaudio 1.3 Se or Revel M-20

Need help asap. Anyone out there compare these two? I ll be using a Mark Levinson 383.
If it was my money, this would be a no brainer. I've owned the M20's twice. The first time I bought them because I heard them paired with a levinson 383. They are sister companies and have awesome syngery together.

I thought you sold the 383 to keep the dk.
Dynaudio 1.3se without doubt for me. Great pairing with 383, have done so before. The M20s are good speakers and their is a ML synergy but the 1.3se sounded better in my room, greater soundstaging was achieved, with a huge amount of bass for their small driver size, they really went to town with this design. You won't go far wrong with either of these, but the 1.3se takes it for my money. If you can find a pair like mine in the Piano Black Gloss even better, stunning visual match for ML gear.