Which is Better Basis 1400 or Rega 25

Which one is better the Basis or the Rega? Also is the Basis upgradable to the 2000 series? I currently have a EAR 834P waiting for it's new friend. My budget is a liitle tight so I was going to go with the Rega RB 300 arm and the Benz Glider cartridge.
Hi,I don't know if the 1400 can be upgraded to a 2000.I do know the Rega-25 is an awesome table.It comes with a RB-600 tonearm.The arm has better interconnects than the RB-300 and has neutrik R.C.A.s.The table is a Stereophile class B.The RB-600 a borderline class A.The cost is $1275.00 The Basis comes with a RB-250 or what ever you want.The cost is greater than the R-25.The R-25 is more dynamic with deeper bass and is smoother sounding.I have had mine 6 months now and plan on keeping it forever.The last I knew My dealer had a demo for $800.00 Maybe you could even get it for less.He is a great guy.Mario,owner Toys from The Attic.914-421-0069 He gets in around 2pm EST Tell him Dave(tube rush) sent you and to give you a great price. REGAS RULE!!! YEA!!!
OH YEA, Mario sells Basis also.You could get his opinion about the 2 tables.For $800.00 the rega is a steal! Cripe the RB-600 sells for $700.00 alone!!!