Which is better? AES/EBU or coaxial?

To my ears AES sounds better, then coaxial RCA digital interface. DO you any of you guys have any hard evidence? Or opinions?

Thanks guys!!
IMO you are correct sir!
Trust your ears! However, the answer to your question depends upon the design of the equipment in question, especially the circuit topology. AES/EBU doesn't always sound better IMO.
There will always be those who will argue one way or another... but, generally speaking, balanced (AES/EBU) will, more often than not, sound better.
AES/EBU will almost always sound better with the highest end equipment. but remember, if you have a AES/EBU port, you must certainly have coax, too. buy them both and sell that which disappoints.
Depends on your taste. AES/EBU = dynamic, and coaxial = romantic.
I've tried both and marginally prefer Cardas AES/EBU over Cardas Lightning coaxial. I think there is as much variation within cable type than there is between cable type. Cheers. Craig
SweetJesusGoodGodAlmighty, Craig. while you are probably right, well, here we go again.......
I too have preferred AES/EBU connection...and disagree with Lafish's characterization of the difference, unless "romantic" = less information getting through, less cleanly...
As usual, it all depends on the build and quality, a phenominally built RCA will out perform 110ohm XLR.. for whatever reason, EMI/RF .. soldering (if any)...wrapping, grounding technique... its really cable dependant and construction....period

If both are built identically.. then I would say the AES EBU will probably be better..maybe.. ...