Which is best American Amp in $1500-2000 range?

I am considering the idea of upgrading my amp and I would like to know what are the best choices for INTEGRATED amps in the $1500-2000 price range. What are the best-buy options, that have the best cost/quality relation? Please tell me only the best american brands, not the british or chinese. Thanks!
In your price range I would look at the Mcintosh MA6500, Krell 400xi for solid state amd ,maybe the Cary sli80 for tubes.
What do you want it to do, and where will it be going, with what gear will it be used?
Hi Uppermidfi, It will be used with a Consonance CD 120 ($1100) and a pair of KEF IQ9 (list price $1400, real price $900). I want it to play classical music very very well.. and I give utmost importance to the midrange. I need devastating accuracy in vocals and piano!
I probably shouldn't ask but why not the best amp rather than the best American amp?
Another vote for Rogue. And, Cary for that matter. You also may want to check out Granite, though it's tough to find used - excellent equipment.
Hi Macrojack,

Because I already know what are the best British amps...and I don't trust the Chinese in the amp department.
The Rogue Tempest II is wonderful. A little over your stated budget but can be found used from time to time.
Nuforce has new integrated amp, the 9 series I heard were excellent, the integrated has similar sound but not quite the dynamics of the power amps only. To me, the ultimate (moderate priced) transistor amp if tubes do not do it for you. I assume U.S. made.
I have been experimenting with Chinese product and I would have to agree that there are points to be concerned about in terms of construction. I just acquired an ASL Orchid integrated which uses 2a3 tubes. It has an O.K. chrome chassis, good binding posts,ceramic tube sockets, a really trick digital readout bias meter and the crappiest feeling controls I've handled in a while. On the other hand I have an Onix SP-3 that is built as well or better than any American product at any price. This is for real. Look it up on www.6moons.com. There are extensive pictures showing all the construction details. I've also had Dared amps here which I thought were very disappointing in construction and Eastern Electric which was exceptional but not up to the standard of the Onix.
Additionally there are European integrated amps which might suit your purposes.