Which is best: 1/2 speed, 180g, Jap, Mobile Fid?

Are there any general rules of thumb as to which pressing
is best when shopping for vinyl ?

1/2 Speed
180g re-issues
Japanese pressings
Mobile Fidelity

Let's take Pink Floyd/Darkside of the Moon for example. Which
version is the best sounding ??

eastside_guy: generalizations about the "best" lp's based upon source/label/pressing/mastering variety are, generally, worthless. using your choice of dsotm as an example: you'll get numerous opinions of which pressing is best, ranging from the original uk emi/harvest to the mfsl uhqr to the german, dutch, etc. mint virgin vinyl pressings are likely to be relatively quiet but may exhibit horrible mastering. case in point: the japanese version of "let it be." the unfortunate fact is, you need to know which title you're interested in and then enquire of several knowledgeable collectors the pressing they prefer. it ain't easy but it's fun. -cfb
Thanks so much. I am finding it to be exactly as
you say. I asked because it can get real expensive
when you buy a Japanese import mint for $50-$60 and
then wonder if a MoFi or 180g would have had better
sound. I can't afford to buy one for each pressing
just to compare, but for 10 or so of my all time
favorites, I'd like to treat myself to the best I
can get for $50-$60 and get it right the first time.
I hope a collector with great knowledge Emails me
with some advice on the best formats for these ever
so popular Rock titles I seek like Pink Floyd, Rolling
Stones, and the like. You think it would be worthwhile
if each month I selected one title and started a
thread asking which pressings are good ?
sure, why not? i have the great good fortune to own a record library numbering somehere around 5,000 that i've built over 4 decades; i do have multiple pressings of nearly all my favorite lp's, as do many other "collectors." we'd be glad to help. FWIW, the "best" dsotm, IMO, is the mfsl uhqr (you MUST adjust your vta to get optimal results from these and other 200 gm beauties). -cfb
I like the german pressings and you can actually get them for a bargain. they're better than the japaneese and far less expensive with more selection--which is a big problem with the MFSL and others in the first place. The only thing better is the UHQR and their prices have skyrocketed and are not a great value for your dollar.
The Only MFSL I've liked are the early one's and the german pressings are still better and I have both. Sometimes french and Italian pressings--and other european pressings--can be excellent & then the next one you buy is dreadful.
I always thought english pressings by english groups were better than the american versions, but usually bands have pressings in 4 or 5 countires, depending.