Which is a good $500 cable for bass biamping ?

I am vertically biamping my Snell B's with 2 CJ 2500"A" amps.The top is Straightwire Crescendo.My budget currently is very low and i have about $500 to spend on cables for bass section.,Have currently 2 cables to pump bass:Kimber Bifocal XL and AQ Midnight and not satisfied with their performance in the bass region(though Kimbers were great when i used them in biwiring configuration)
I would appreciate your resposes.
Althigh I did not like this cable "overall" in my system, I never heard a cable control the woofers in my Legacy speakers like the Acoustic Zen Satori.
Try Audioquest Sterling for your bass section...amazing control, definition and weight.
Try to find Tara Labs--master reference-- The first gen is kinda like a saw blade in 'bend-ability'; but besides being cheap it is great in this area.
i have a similar setup - 4 pse studio V monoblocks with alon II's.

what interconnects are you using on the top and bottom amp ?

here are some suggestions, i hope they are helpful.

1. can you double mount the kimber bifocal ? you might be able to do this by adding bannana adapters.

2. Van Den Hul The Revelation. was reviewed and recommended by sterophile in the mid 90's. i agree with the review - awesome bass performance, will pressurize the room and is also very musical. i have had a hard time not using this on the top end ( a little pulled back on the top imo). it is hard to find but not too much $300 - $350 for 8 feet used ( orig. $1100)

3. xlo type 5 - still state of the art in regards to bass. very fast cable and images well. lower mid getes a little lean ( $300 used for 8 foot pair - $1000 orig)

4. i have owned the satori and the tara labs master gen I( really stiff stuff that is seperate cables and has a light candy strip - it wasnt bad it is really really stiff.

i tried the satori and found it a rolled off on the top and nothing great on the bottom ( i was really surprised since this cable has been well reviewed - it wasnt bad but there was no extension at the extemes - nice mid though.

it is really hard since you are using the straightwire cresendo- i use the straight wire cresendo interconnects and it the best interconnect i have had in my system so far. very big, controlled, dynamic, detailed sound.

though i havent tried them, i would consider some other straightwire speaker cables ( used to own a original pair of maestros- cable was a little bright but awesome bass control- was a good match with cj tbe gear of the day)

hope that helps,

I don't want to double up kimber Bifocal because it is very thin and shouty with MF 2500A,i guess this amps being a bipolar design does not have the same sinergy as earlier mosfet ones (i was using MF 200 before and the combination really worked).
I called Jim from Harmonic technology today and will try his Pro 11 plus which got a good review in TAS.A 5 feet pair with locking bananas will cost me $ 295=00 delivered.
Big savings in bypassing the dealer.
You will be amazed with the bass performance. When I first hooked it up on my system - it was like substituting a more powerful amp. Try one and see if it matches you system.