Which is a better speakers choice?

Hi everyone, i need help on to decide for my setup. My current rig are ProAc tablette anniversary driven by a Rega Brio R and the cables are full DH Labs. Which is the better way to go? Sell the proac and get harbeth p3esr to be matched with the rega brio r OR sell the brio r and buy a leben cs300x to be paired with the proac? I asking this coz the dealer of the harbeth and leben is far away from my place need to take a plane to get there so its very impossible for me to have a home audition.. Thanks for the help..
Take a look at this
I like the sound of proac better, but they are both good sounding - just a matter of your subjective preference.

You don't like the present sound now? It should be pretty good already...

The Rega got good write up in hif magazines :


... and proacs are good speakers as you know.

What source are you using? Perhaps the weak link is there, no? You can't fix bad beginning somewhere down the chain.
I've read that review a couple of times it didnt even say what amp is being used for the two. The reviewer just mentioned creek amp but he didnt say that what he's using. Im asking this coz i find the proac tab sometimes thin sounding it might be balanced if i use a tube amp a leben for example or change the speakers to harbeth. Though i heard both but not with the brio r.
The amp you pair with the speakers can go a long way towards transforming the performance of the speakers. Choosing wisely makes a big difference.
What type of music do you listen to? Do you play loud?
I listen mostly to jazz like krall, norah jones, etc. then sometimes i listen to coldplay, the verve, jack johnson, ano so on. No i never listen loud on my system, i usually set the volume dial to 8-9. On sources i got some good ones i have a marantz sa14 for cd playback and a rega p3-24 w/ ortofon 2m red for vinyl playback. All wired with DH Labs. My system is good at first but when i listen more it made me realize there something missing.. Is it from the cables maybe? My system doesnt have the weight and body..

My system doesnt have the weight and body..

The last post immediately stuck to me that you are missing the correct "gain" in your system. Then I checked the spec on the ProAc and find that they slightly less efficient speakers. I have had similar experience when I moved to a larger volume room. After I got the correct gain, my speakers now sound awesome.
The Rega is 50Watts, while the Leben is 15W. I think, for the ProAcs to sound better, you might need more power. So going to Leben may not help. The Harbeth is less efficient. Now understand that I am basing this all on the numbers I am seeing on the component sites.
Do you have anybody close by that you can reach out to, who has a more powerful amp? You might want to try that amp in your system and see if you get back what you are missing. That might be your solution.
Leben+Harbeth C7 = Glorious Match Made in Paradise..
Milpai thanks for the reply. Yes i have a couple of friends in my area i will try to use a much powerful amps for the proacs.. I heard the tablette being driven by a 50w class a amp and yes it really gave a nice quantity of sound better in every area of the spectrum.. I heard that proacs are voiced with tube amps so i might want to try that, though i already tried an audio research vsi55 with my speakers still it didnt impress me at all it was good but it sounded too boomy! How about air tight 24w 6L6 tube amp? Or a jadis orchestra reference 40w kt88?
Hi guys thanks for the help i ended up with a leben cs300xs drives well my poacs and it sounded very nice..