Which is a better choice? New, or used preamp?

So I've been doing a lot of research, and am interested in people's opinions about a new vs. used tube preamps...

I'm looking for a good quality tube pre, maybe around $1500. People have recommended some new products (Doge an YS for example) in that price range, but I can't help but wonder if I'm not going to get a better performance with a used pre in that price range that used to sell new for maybe $2500-$3500?

That would be a 10-15 year old pre probably, so has the quality advanced such that the YS could present a better soundstage, for example?


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My recommendation is to buy used, and stick to an established brand. Eventually you WILL want to sell it, and resale value for an obscure brand is usually pretty dismal.

Good luck with the search.
I would recommend a used Emotive Audio Erato, Poeta or even Sira for the best sound and overall value in the price range. They don't come up for sale all that often but if you can wait a month or two you should be able to find one on Audiogon.

I also would respectfully disagree with the suggestion that the sound quality of older tube gear is equal to modern preamps. It is true that SOME vintage equipment and SOME vintage parts can offer unsurpassed sonic quality. I am thinking of Western Electric equipment and the like. These are exceptions though which is why they stand out.
I'd go used. If you choose right, you'll get more for your money.