which interconnect w/ Audio Refinment control/amp?


I have the following system:

Porter Port
PS Audio Humbuster
PS Audio UPC-200
Project Audio Expression I Turntable
Project Audio speedbox Turntable
Project Audio phono box Preamplifier
sony bdp-460 bluray (replace soon with oppo BDP-93)
Kenwood L-07T Tuner
Logitech Squeezebox Touch Tuner
Audio Refinement Pre-5 Preamplifier
Audio Refinement Multi-5 Multichamp (biamp)
Linn LK-400 Speaker cable (biamp)
tekton 6.5t Monitor (biamp)

I just recently put in the Audio Refinement Pre5 and it made a huge difference in my system for the better. Very warm but not rolled off acurate sound with no fatigue. I am currently using Signal Cable Analog One Interconnects everywhere and was wondering if I could get more by upgrading the inconnects. Some of my initial thoughts / research follows (hope to keep cost at $75 / interconnect pair on average):

- keep interconnects the same with Signal Cable Analog Ones except put Signal Cable Silver Reference between the Pre5 and Multi5.
- replace all interconnects with Audioquest Blue Racer IIs
- replace all interconnects with Audioquest Blue Racer IIs except Black Mamba II between Pre5 and Multi5
- replace all with a Mogami based cable, maybe something like the Jazz cables (http://www.kabusa.com/frameset.htm?/wirewin.htm)

Anyone have comments on the above or ideas for possbilities I did not mention? Not sure about the Blue Jeans cables.