which interconnect cable w/ playback designs mps-5

I know there are only a few of us out there with the sota playback designs mps-5 but what are people using for an interconnect cable?

I am particularly interested about those that use the mps-5 with the dartzeel preamp.

I am using an rca audioquest 72 dbs colorado cable that is sounding quite excellent.

I won't make any changes if any until the mps-5 is totally broken in. It sounds marvelous from the get go!

Anyone using a bnc cable ic to the dartzeel? anyone compare the bnc to an rca to the dartzeel?
i just (last night late) got the 1.5m pair of 'zeel' BNC cables and they are installed. first impressions are positive (certainly nothing negative percieved....but it's early). i had been using the $13k Transparent Opus MM2 1.5m RCA and i also have the $4k+ Valhalla 1.5m RCA to compare.

ask me (or i'll post something on my system thread) in about a month and i should be able to give you my impressions of the zeel interconnect between the PBD and the dart.

i really hope they are in the ballpark with those 2 'uber and ultra-uber' cables which will allow me to sell something to fund my other excesses.

of course; the Opus is amazing and the Valhalla only slightly less so.
I use Stealth Indras with my MPS-5. They have that last bit of clarity and openness in the bass and liquidity and body in the highs that is subtle but very valuable (to my ears, at least).
A close second are my Kubala-Sosna Emotions. All of my cables are RCA terminated. This was also the case with former CD players.

I own the darTZeel amp and preamp combo and added the Playback Designs MPS-5 this past June. At the same time I purchased a 1.5 meter zeel BNC cable(s) for the MPS-5 interface to the darTZeel preamp.

I also own a pair of Transparent Reference MM and a very current version of the Stealth Indras, both single ended.

Had I not owned the Transparent and Stealth cables, and was then able to audition all three before making a purchase, I personally could not justify ten times more the price (more in the case of the Transparent cable) over the zeel BNC ($600.00 for 1.5 meter pair) in my system.

In my system the zeel BNC is the primary interface used. I do (from time to time) insert the Transparent and Stealth cables for something slightly different. They are both very good cables in my system and I do not have plans of selling either of them.

As a suggestion, before investing the $600.00 for the zeel BNC, you can purchase rather inexpensive 50 OHM/BNC cables that will give you an idea as to what you can expect from the Playback Designs 50 ohm BNC interface to the darTZeel preamp. I did this (amp to preamp) when I first purchased the darTzeel machines and the "zeel" BNC was not available from darTZeel. Later I added the zeel BNC to interface the amp and preamp which added a valued sonic improvement.

One last thing that I would share with you should you try the BNC interface. The BNC input you choose on the darTZeel preamp will require some break-in time as was suggested to me.
What is the weight and dimensions of the MPS-5, I have one on the way and I need to start thinking about shelving and isolation.

Now you guys have been using the Zeel BNC interface to the Dart-Pre for the last few weeks how do they sound compare to your hi-priced inter-connectors.
wxhxd(inches)= 17.1 x 3.5 x 16.7
weight=29 pounds
I have also jumped upon the zeel bnc interface bandwagon and while it is still breaking in, it sounds already better than my previous interconnect

Thanks for the info, just received my unit 5-hrs ago been playing it constantly since unpacking it.
I tried my MPS-5 into the Rowland Continuum 500 using the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval RCA ICs with good results. I moved to the AP balanced ICs, giving the same overall balance and only slightly quieter background. Go balanced if your pre-amp allows it.

I'm currently using the Evolution Acoustics interconnects from Playback to Dart pre and I am evaluating a gold BNC terminated audio cable by Audioquest. This cable has a very pure central copper conductor, the cable costs nothing and sounds amazing ... for costing nothing. I've had a whole technical discussion with Herve about it. For anyone interested send me a PM.
At the RMAF, I extensively heard the PD driving Audioquest "SKY" balanced ICs into Rowland equipment. That was an excellent sound. Everytime I heard the Sky injected into a system it was a positive experience.(I heard it later in an Esoteric system, replacing unbalanced ICs) I think the Sky was more open than the Analysis Plus that I referenced up the thread. Still, I'd need more evaluation time to ultimately decide which I preferred, but the Sky is certainly top echelon.

Dave, I thought the Audioquest SKY was good when I tested it a while back, they have something way beyond the SKY now at 3X the price too ... try that!
Hah, send me one please...

Let me say, the AP Solo Crystal Oval wasn't that far away and I'd have to put the AQ in my own system for a few days to pick a "winner". That tells me that the AP is certainly a good "value."
Dave, good value is my Audioquest ITA 1/1 with ITC-24G/BNC terminations as interconnect from MPS-5 to Dart pre through the 50 Ohm Zeel in/outputs... that sound at that cost is value my friend.
Having said that, for those with components such as the MPS-5 and DartZeel, thus striving for the ultimate sound ... Herve's cables are beyond reproach, and a good value at $5-600 a pair.