Which Integrated with Power,Current, and Bass

In your system, at a show, in a showroom, or at a friend's, what integrated amplifier have you heard produces solid low end (bass), highs etc consistently with whatever speakers you heard it with?  I'm looking for a solid state integrated in the $2500 and under range that can accomplish the above with my Klipshch RF 7II which although seemingly efficient are a challenging load dropping down in the bass region below 4 ohms.  I listen mostly to classic jazz with a little rock, r&b mixed in.  Or, which manufacturer have you heard consistently produce integrated amplifiers producing solid low end with whatever speakers? caveat: I don't like anything lean or that tends towards lean!  Would love to try an integrated that doubles down, but that seems out of my price range with the exception of the Krell (used).  Need a fairly smooth amp up top because the Klipsch horn can sometimes get harsh. Not interested in tubes though. Currently using Anthem 225 but not convinced.

Have thought about:
Vincent SV-237mk
Musical Fidelity M6si
Yamaha A-S1100
Parasound Hint 6 or Halo
Krell S-300i
Musical Fidelity A5

I use the MF A5

Have gone thru several speakers on my own upgrade path.

Running ATC SCM11v2s right now and am enjoying the synergy.

Power: yes! (scare the neighbors loud with no strain)
Grip & Control: yes
Clean bass: yes
Balanced Highs: yes

I've also heard some Bryston integrateds that you could consider for your list.
Thanks erikt! I almost bought an MF A5 last week.

I forgot one integrated on my list of considerations, the Peachtree Nova300.

Also, the integrated should have a phono stage. I currently have a Thorens TD 160 to consider.

Other sources: Underwood mod Jolida JD 100, 2 Don Allen modded Philips and Marantz changers, Krell SACD Standard III, Macbook Pro

Can you speak to the effect of not liking the Anthem 225?
The new Anthem STR Integrated amp is very fine indeed. Quite a step forward from the 225.  Happy Listening!

The Anthem 225 has improved the low end of the Klipsch, but I think the Klipsch bass can be more. An integrated amp that doubles down maybe? I like the 225 however, good phono stage too. The Anthem STR is jut too much money for my budget. It would be great to try though.
The Anthem STR is a really nice piece.  I don't own one, but have heard it a number of times at Desco Audio here in Olympia.  

You should add the Peachtree Nova 300 (or the new 500) to your list.  It has driven everything I've thrown at it with ease and authority and really makes my Electra 1008 BE speakers sing.

Much Thanks! for the follow up. I look forward in reading more about the integrated chosen. In a different price-range, I am considering an Ayre AX-5 Twenty Integrated amp. To date, I have always been a separates supporter. I must say that the Integrated Amp has come a long way from very humble origins. In 2019, there is a plethora of amps for consideration, Entry level all of the way up to Reference level, with plenty inventory in between.

Happy Listening!
big_greg, in the 2nd post I mentioned the Nova300. Trying to make a decision.
Must be nice to have that AX-5 up for consideration! My budget isn’t what it used to be- blew through way too many dollars in audiophiledom.
The Krell S300i is the most underrated, underpriced piece of equipment I have ever owned.  150 watts and doubles to 300.  Bass and control like a massive mono block. It's good, very good and cheap.

Yes, it is having this caliber of integrated up for consideration. I was not expecting an integrated to act this good?  Happy Listening!
Pick up a used Krell KAV-300i. Awesome bass, rhythm, pacing. I wish I still had mine.
Thats funny... I bought an Anthem I225 a little while ago and love it. I feel like it is actually pretty powerful and makes any and every speaker ai throw at it sound great!

Have you considered a pair of Rel T9i’s?  That might get you where you want to be better than a different amp...


It looks like I may just have to stand pat with the Anthem I225. Today the power of this integrated just seem to come out of my speakers and energized the room! It hinted at this before but not to the extent I’m hearing now! Also, the stock power cord is the one that has produced the best sonics, most powerful images and top to bottom power. So far I’ve tried a Silver Audio Wattmaster and VH Audio Flavor 4 with the 225 which seemed to stunt the power of the integrated, but with the stock cord the current and dynamics returned after a few days. What have you found to be the power cord that brings out the clarity and bass?
I concur- the 225 has incredible power and is underrated IMO.This is one of the few products that I have tested with a stock power cord (PC). I can second using the original PC -no aftermarket required to my ears.  What time of day does most of your listening occur?Consider late night sessions for critcal evaluation.
Happy Listening!
foster_9 OP
  Which Integrated with Power,Current, and Bass
Of all the ones you mentioned, the stand out for those three parameters you want, is the John Curl designed Halo's, and you get a bonus phono and ESS Sabre dac in them.

Cheers George  
Thank you jafant and George. And I have always observed better sonic performance at night. Interesting George, the Parasound Halo or Hint huh? Power, current and bass....

acurus, what makes the Krell S-300i underrated?
I had a 225 I  used with B & W 804 for years never lacked for power with them also  used it with paradigm 85f which were more sensitive , drove those with ease. I sold it wanting  to go with some tubes. Only problem I  had was the amp started volume ramping but it was an easy firmware fix. 
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foster_9 OP
  Interesting George, the Parasound Halo or Hint huh? Strong bass, clairty, and smooth.
Reasons are
"strong bass" it has big current being BJT output, good damping factor, and big engine room (power supply)

"Clarity" Typical Low distortion, solid state design (by  J. Curl)

"Smooth" High Class-A bias for that top end smoothness, it will run warm.

Cheers George     
Krell s300i never received the accolades like previous integrateds from Krell, but I think its a lot better than the old KAV series.  It typically sells for less than 50% of retail.  It sounds fantastic, bass, power, speed and control.  It just never gets a lot of love, but I think it significantly better than a lot of what you listed.
Thanks acurus,

Regarding the S-300i, did you find it refined or resolving?
Hi, have you considered a Wyred4Sound 250 watt integrated amp. I love mine, I have speakers with 15inch woofers, and I think netflix is doing structural damage to my house. The amp is dynamic, powerful and pretty smooth, but not dull. Plus seems to be pretty resilient to loads, its like 460 watts at 4 ohms with excellent protection circuitry. Worth a look I would think, same price range as krell s300i. I see that some talked about Peachtree 300 that is very close, both use ICE amps. I have never heard the Krell s300 but do read reviews, it might not be right for Klipsch horns.
Good luck!
jffyg, owned the Wyred4Sound STI-1000 back in '09. I considered the Peachtree Nova300.