Which integrated with Harbeths and Ayre CX-7e

Looking for strong recommendations for integrated amp for use in very simple 2 channel system. To be used with Harbeth Super 5s and Ayre CX-7e. Have been told that my Ayre redbook player won't be optimized unless amp is fully balanced - your thoughts on that? Budget to $3k new/used. Listen mostly to jazz, blues, female vocals. I choose to live 20 miles past the last semblance of civilization so auditioning is limited to out of state business trips and am trying to narrow the field with your recommendations.. I've heard Cambridge, BAT, Lavardin IT, and a couple others. Thanks in advance for your input.

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I ended up with AX-7e + Rega Saturn. I will get a pair of Harbeth SHL5 when I get around to it. Anyone compared Cx-7e to Saturn directly? I compared Saturn to CX-5e and the difference wasn't worth the price.