Which integrated tube amp to go with which speaker

Need advice for integrated tube amp and speaker combo for a small 13'x11' listening room. I'm used to my class A low watt SET mono block system/preamp/high efficiency speakers but am selling off this system and need to change listening areas anyway.

Integrated tube amp choices are:

1. Luxman sq-38u
2. Leben CS-600
3. Ayon Spark II vs Triton III

Higher output Triton III included because I'm unsure of speaker I will use.

Speaker choices:

1. Harbeth c7es3
2. ProAc Response D2s

I listen to classical and jazz at low to moderate volumes, nothing really loudly.

Open to other suggestions.

Thank you for your help.
I recently switched over to a Primaluna Dialogue Premium with Reference 3a Veena speakers. My system has never sounded better. I'm running the Primaluna with KT-120 which give a great full sound and the biggest soundstage I ever had. The autobias feature is great as well.
Good luck.
Call John Tucker at Exemplar Audio and ask about his Exception integrated. Simply an amazing sounding piece. Very MUSICAL. The pre-amp is tube and the amp section solid state. You get the best of both worlds. Recommended for 90db or above speakers. The Exception is 1/3 the price of the Ayon Triton III. I owned the Triton 1 and thought it was okay but somewhat overrated. There is a lot hype around the Ayon gear.
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I'd go with Melbguy1’s suggestions. My brother has Leben CS600 with
Harbeth SHL5. Great synergy and sound. You can't go wrong with that
I would have to second the Primaluna/Reference 3a combo .
Roll 'all' of the tubes .
I am personally fond of EL34 tubes .
The Reference 3a's are a neutral uncolored speaker that will let you hear what the rest of your equipment sounds like .

Good luck
Thanks for all responses so far. Does anyone know if the Leben CS600 comes with remote?
I've had an Ayon Spirit 2 with absolutely no issues , and find it pretty engaging
I'd avoid Ayon and go with the Leben 1st and the Luxman 2nd... and pair either of the two with the Harbeth. I'd expect this to be a wonderful pairing for your listening tastes and needs.
Personally, I would go with the Luxman and the Harbeths, especially if you play a lot of vinyl.
I would get the Leben CS600 with Harbeth.

I'm currently waiting for the Leben CS600 to get here so I can pair it up with my Harbeth P3ESR.

The Leben CS600 does not come with remote.
Open to other suggestions, you say? How about the Clones 25i? It's the integrated that made me realize how much like "hifi" instead of "natural", all my other amps sounded.
Harbeths for sure. But the best I've heard with the Harbeths are the Line Magnetic integrateds. Just super sweet. I've had the 218IA with my C7s and it's really an incredible combo.
Would like to very much thank everyone for their ideas and input. Audiogon is the best place for hi-fi advice period.

Was able to buy a VAC 160i all tube integrated on Audiogon this week and I am very happy to have found it.

Still working on speaker choices and I will post new entry once system is up and running.

Thank you everyone!