Which integrated tube amp?

I've been doing lots of reading and I've become convinced that after all these years I want to try out the tube sound. I don't have much money, and where I live I don't really have an opportunity to go to any shops and listen to tube set-ups, so I'm considering units that have 30-day money back gaurantees. I'd like to spend about $600 -- right now I'm considering two new units -- the Cayin TA-30 and the Jolida 102B. Both have good reviews on audioreview.com. Both are about $500-600 and I'll need to add a separate phono preamp. I'm also intrigued by a fully-restored and modified Scott 222 unit offered by Mapleshade Records for $850 -- it's more money, although it has a (supposedly excellent) phono stage, so overall price isn't that different. I play a Thorens TD-320 through 90db-efficiency 2-way speakers. Can anyone give me any insights that will help narrow my choices? Or perhaps I've missed a good product in my price range? If you could reply soon that would be great because my trigger finger's getting itchy! Thanks.
I just bought a JD-202 from a dealer on Audiogon for less than I imagined and am using it with a pair of Spendor S3/5s I also bought here. It's my first tube gear and I LOVE IT ! Definitely different than SS. The Spendors are rated 84 db/w if I remember correctly,but my room is small and I don't use that system for loud music.
There is a Scott 340 B receiver listed for $350.00 with a phono stage and tuner. I have one and for a forty year old component it continues to suprise me. If you decide you like tubes you can upgrade and sell the unit for what you paid for it.
I would highly recommend you consider a hybrid Kora "Explorer 90 SI" int. amp. I've owned numerious SS int. amp and the 102B, and without question this Kora is the finest sounding/musical product I've ever owned. The 102b sounds very good considering the $, but the Explorer 90 SI is much, much better sounding. Sumiko Project phono stage is wonderful sounding and is very inexpensive. As far as 30-day guarantee, I'd contact a nearby Kora dealer and ask for an in-home audition.
I recently purchased the Cayin TA-30. For some of my comments on this amp, go to these links:



Also see the BizzyBee site for good information and 4 reviews.


I've owned other "budget" tube integrated amps from ASL and Anthem and IMHO the Cayin TA-30 is superior in build quality and sonics.