Which integrated to pick...

Well after much convincing, I have saved my rig with one exception. My Melody SP3 amp must go. There are three contenders for replacements but don't know which will pair up the best. Any recommendation would be helpful.

Here are the amps that I have narrowed it down to.
1. Audio refinement complete - if I can find one.
2. YBA YA 201
3. Musical Fidelity A3

Which one of the bunch should I try to snag?

If these are your only choices The musical fidelity A3 doubles down 85 wpc @8 ohms 170 wpc @4 ohms so it is high current. The Europas are 4 ohm speakers and a little low on the sensitivity at 88-89db and require current. I'd probably go for the musical fidelity based on this.

YBA's are known for the quality and refinement of their sound though. With the Europas it could sound fabulous. I don't know the 4 ohm power rating of this integrated however which is important for an inefficient 4 ohm speaker.
MF A3.

I have the A308 power amplifier in my HT system driving Vienna Acoustics Haydn loudspeakers.
The YBA YA201 is a very smooth amp. However, if you listen at lower levels, it might not be the amp for you. Unless it is at a moderate volume or better, its true sound doesn't come through. It kinda fades away at lower levels losing dynamics and contrast.
In comparison to the Audio Refinement, the YA 201 is more transparent, more refined and more powerful.
I have never owned the MF. I have heard it in demo's (for what that is worth) and thought it was a decent sounding amp. It doesn't have quite the warmth through the mids as the YBA but it is transparent and clean sounding. I would also add it doesn't have much grain.
With all this said, my choice of the 3 amps would be the YBA simply because it sounds higher priced than it is and can be had for great used prices. Other than the caveat of lower levels, it's a great little amp.
I have owned the MF A3, and the Audio Refinment Complete, never the YBA 201. Though I have never heard the Eurpoas, I have talked with people that have paired them with the AR Complete and have said fantastic things. The MF is a nice integrated, but based on the feedback I got, I would use the complete. (my favorite integrated by the way... I have owned six of them).

Because of my love for the complete, I really wanted to buy the YBA 201 many times. I was talked out of it by people that owned it. Serious quality issues, YBA switched hands just before those came out, and I hear the value just isn't there with the 201 like it is with the complete.

Only my opinion, and with limited experience so take my advice with a grain of salt..
Had the Complete and it has some punch for its power rating, and two outputs, very nice,just felt well built and pretty, have the Myryad line and it is also very nice, like it a little more than the Complete, and the preamp/amp combo was a step up from the integrated.
Thanks for the reply....

Here's my questions though. Although I was leaning toward the AR complete, my only concern is whether or not the 90wpc (4 ohms) is enough to drive them well. Here are the specs of the speakers.

88-89dB/2.83Volts @ 1 meter, -3dB at 49Hz, +/- 1dB from 55Hz to 21kHz. 15W to 120W into 8 Ohm amplifiers.

I was under the impression the more given to the speaker, or I should say the more reserve power there is, the more dynamic the speaker becomes.

Another question...how can I get one used. Not many seem to be sold on audiogon.

How do you get an AR used? You watch the classifieds and wait for one to come up. That's the best way. You could also do a search for AR dealers and see if any have demo units available but you will definitely pay more that way. The Complete is nice, I owned one briefly but I believe it will under-power the Europas.
Check out the Exposure 2010S I have had Bel Canto, Plinius, Creek, Cambridge Audio, Vincent, Musical Fidelity, NADn Rotel and have found this unit to be stunning. It sounds like live music. Depends on your system.