Which integrated, or keep what I have?

I've been kicking around the idea to replace my AR LS3 preamp and McCormack DNA .5 dlx amp that has been powering my Legacy Victoria LE speakers. I've narrowed it down to 2 possible units, Musical Fidelity A5 or PS Audio GCC-250. Which ones do you like, or should I just keep my existing stuff and use the Creek OBH-22 remote control unit.
I'm not exactly familiar with your exact setup (although I've heard ARC and McCormack gear), but I can say I'm not exactly a fan of the sound of PS Audio's new GainCell stuff. I didn't love the A5 in the setup I heard it in (and not compared to other MF integrateds) but that doesn't mean it wouldn't sound good in yours. You can try out the PS Audio stuff and always return it, but I didn't like the sound, FWIW.
There is no way I would take either the MF or PSA over your current gear.
Do you feel a Sonic need to upgrade, or is it just an itch?

I dont have alot of money so I say if it aint broke dont fix it and buy music!
I recently added the Legacy Victorias and also a McCormack UDP-1 CD player. The improvements were fantastic, so I was thinking maybe if I replace the other stuff there would be another sonic improvement plus I could now have remote control volume. I think I'm going to jusst try the Creek OBH-22 passive preamp with remote and see what it does. Thanks for the feedback... John
good luck, I would be curious to see your thoughts on a passive pre.....post if you can.
I think you should keep your amp and preamp rather than invest in the integrated amps you mentioned. If you want to improve your amplification, you might want to invest a grand in upgrading your McCormack DNA 0.5 Deluxe to the Revision A (half that for Revision B; more than that for Platinum).

But don't wreck a good system by downgrading to so-so integrateds.

Just my 2 cents' worth.