Which integrated. Opinions please.

I have recently set up a home theater system and now find myself using it more for music say 65/35. So I'd like to upgrade in order to obtain better 2 channel. Currently I'm running a Denon 2807 into B&W 602's for the front stage. Oh, I should mention the room is rather hard, with hardwood floors (area rug) and windows. I'd like opinions on the following options:

A) YBA Integre DT
Advantages of large soundstage. Possibly able to smooth out some brightness.
Disadvantage; no HT bypass. Only 50 watts, not sure how this would blend with the Denon's 110 watts in surround mode

B) Blue Circle NSCS
Advantages of HT bypass either in place or able to install. 100 watts is more than sufficient for my listening levels.
Disadvantage; costs 5-7 hundred more used. Not sure how this amp would match with the 602's

C) Classe CA 101 amp for the front speakers using the Denon as a pre/pro

Any opinions would be appreciated as I need another perspective on this before I proceed.

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For that price, I would check out the PrimaLuna DiaLogue series integrateds. Lower rated wattage but you won't miss it in practice, HT bypass, fantastic sound/$. Or, get a PrimaLuna ProLogue 5 two channel power amp and run it off your Denon for front channel and stereo listening.