Which integrated? Musical Fidelity A3, A3.2, A300?

I am shopping for a used integrated amp to replace aged equipment. My budget is about $800 max; certainly not over $1k. I have listened to some models and am considering a Musical Fidelity integrated amplifier. I listen to a variety of eclectic music; acoustic guitar, much blues, world accapello. The listening room is 14 x 18 & open to the rest of the house, which is regularly the scene of frequent parties. I have read reviews and am a bit worried about getting a too-bright system, though probably not with my speakers.

Which of the three do you recommend? Clearly I can get a A3Int for about $600ish to fit my tight budget, the other two will be more. Or another maker?

Speakers: DCM Time Windows 1A (1986)
Other: Rotel RCC-1055 CD (2003)

D. None of the above.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
Alright Brad -

Shall I just save my pennies? Or have you another suggestion?

Come on Brad! We are all waiting.

In my opinion, any of those 3 would probably be very good choices - a very smooth and quality sound for low $. Buy whichever comes up, but the higher-powered A300 might be better if your speakers are relatively low efficiency (I seem to remember that those are...?).
Get the A300. Less bright than A3.2, more power to party with than A3.
Check Simaudio I-3 used, may be better then MF3.2
Thanks for the input Cdc & Dmitrydr. I will keep an eye out for an A300 Integrated, though I think price could be an issue. I haven't heard a Simaudio, so that is uncharted territory for me.

Boulder, Colorado

Sorry to disappear.

For $800 to almost 1000, and considering your musical tastes (Do you listen to a lot of old recordings?), I would suggest a used conrad-johnson int. The CAV-50 should be a nice choice. And by now, one should be in your price range.