Which Integrated got you off the merry go round?

Calling on all those suffering from audiophilia nervosa who finally put an end to the non-sense buy-sell quaterly of pre, amps, integrated with an integrated (price does not matter). Which one was the ONE for you?
i can't resist:

Mickym 11/25/08: "you won't get off if you buy naim or exposure...pathetic sorry white bleached forward"

Audiogon classified ad 11/10/08 SS integrated:
item: exposure 2010s
seller: Mickym
seller's description: "great integrated"
The S300i is blossoming..phenomenal texture, neutral and dead on accurate tone and tmbre..no more glare or SS constriction present. Focus is clear with palpable imaging and holographic soundstaging!
If you like SS, go with the Redgum 120. It's great.
Naim makes some excellent gear. They are not very powerful but then again most people don't need more then 10-20 watt. So a 100watt amp should be sufficient in most cases. For an average 30m2 living room. My amp also gives about 100watt the manufacturer doesn't specify how much he just says more then 100watt at 8Ohm. For me that is more then enough.
Valve Audio Predator
Hybrid design giving a taste of tubes. 200 watts in 8 ohm doubling into 4 so will always have enough power no matter what speakers you have. All for 2k (B stock) at Music Direct