Which Integrated amps should I audition?

I need to downsize because we are moving to a small apartment. I enjoy all types of music except hip hop and rap. My current system consists of John Tucker modified Usher BE-10 Loudspeakers. Driven by Belles Power Modules M-01 monoblocks and driven by a Supratek Cabernet Dual preamp. The source is a John Tucker modified Oppo-95. I don't have the space for the 4piece amp and pre hence looking for an integrated amp. The new speakers will be small stand mounts. Open to suggestions on either tube or SS integrated. Don't know the dimensions of the new place yet.
My far the Vitus R100 is the most refined integrated amplifier out there
Especially if you consider for round $11 k. It beats up on seperates
That go for $8k or more each and very powerful. And hand built in Denmark
300wpc 520ino 4 ohms

LSA stuff sounds decent but, th main unit built in China then modified
Remember VK design group? Not bad for the money. Th new Coda integrated can be ordered with pure class A bias up past 10 watts
And over 330 wpc over600 into 4 ohms, for in $6k range unbeatable and built like a tank 10 Year warranty,5 year transferrable.
I traded in TRL separates due to my 18 mo. I now have the Neodio SR600 which is very good. Another one to add to the list is Norma....
I second the Coda Technologies mention. I have the CSi with unbalanced RCA connects...this unit is mind blowing in every way and truly is a mate with my Tyler Woodmere II's..
you can still get good separates in a small package, if that is what you desire. Chord makes some really nice small stuff.


for small speaker, paradigm sig 1's or gallos
McIntosh, Marantz, Rogers, Rogue. Happy hunting.