Which integrated amplifier .

I will be giving my daughter my audio system soon . You see , I've been fighting with lung cancer for the past 7 years . 
 Recently my oncologist told me he has exhausted all possible treatment options available and even though they have slowed the growth they haven't stopped it .

 So he deemed me incurable . That being said , I'm preparing everything , leaving my audio system to my daughter . 

Doc says its called sarcoma and that its one of those type of cancer dificult to treat . Enough of that . So I'm preparing myself . I wouldn't like to give my daughter my audio system as it is ,  Its to complicated and she knows nothing of it . She loves the way it sounds but knows absolutely nothing of stereo hardware .

That being as it is , to simplify I was thinking of trading in my preamp and amp for a decent sounding integrated . What complicates things a bit is that my speakers are kind of power hungry , Magnepan MG12 , so the integrated has to be a high current design .

My present amp which Im willing to trade is a Mcormack DNA 125 . It's great with the maggies as it pumps out up to 65 amps of current making. my maggies sing .Preamp is a Elekit TU-8500 tube preamp with all the mods installed including upgraded capacitors in line stage  and resistors in phono stage . 

So anyone know of a low cost integrated of high current ,  capable of moving Magnepan MG12 ? I would really apreciate any suggestion . 

I know there are some excellent units in the market  but they are all very expensive and for someone living with social security , well , you get my drift . One unit I was looking at is from rogue audio but if possible for simplicity of use Solid State would be better for my daughter.

Can you imagine ! I got to sit down with her and explain  how to use the turntable , connect everything . What goes where . A integrated would simplify things . Thank you guys for your suggestions in advance . God bless and stay safe .
Another idea would be to not sell anything, and take the time with her to teach and show her everything about a system that means so much to you.  She may value that time learning with you more than anything else in the world right now. I know I would. Surely she can learn and take notes. Not a bad excuse to spend time together. Best to you and yours.
Wow, this is a tuff one. Please investigate the Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach. Also, investigate the use of CBD and derivatives from qualified individuals. Miracles can happen. Blessings. 
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I agree with phcollie (above), although you didn't include her age which might be a factor. A younger daughter simply might not be interested in all the details of a complicated audio system. I was contemplating a similar scenario when putting together my will. Why not simply try explaining the system to her and see how it goes? Good luck and God bless.
My sincere thoughts go to you. Keep listening to great music. And remain positive....