Which integrated amp is better?

I want to buy an integrated amp. I have been looking at the PrimaLuna ProLogue Two Integrated Amplifier sold at upscaleaudio.com, or the Jolida Signature Series 3205 sold at responseaudio.com. Has anyone heard these two amps side by side? If anyone has, can anyone tell me which one's sound was better? How exactly were the two different amps' sounds different from one another? Please feel free to go into as much detail as possible. Any and all comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance to all of you who reply.

I have not heard the Jolida, but I have owned the Prologue Two for the last 4 or 5 months. I have enjoyed the Prologue Two so much that I purchased the Prologue Five (power amp only) and replaced the Musical Fidelity A300 CR in my main system. I wrote a review of the Prologue Two here in Audiogon (Review # 1109673309).

Regards, Rich
Hi Leroy,

I have not heard the PrimaLuna, but just bought a
Jolida Signature Series 3205 from Response Audio,
and I cannot tell you how damn good it is!! I have owned
a 502B (stock) a 302B (stock) both nice for the price,
and a modded Jolida 1000A from another respected mod
dealer, and non of them compare with the RA 3205 Sig.
It is sweet, open, and musical as all get out. Plus
I have owned a lot of other seperate tube amps & pre
amps, and I tell you this is my favorite!! For the
prices in today's market, it is a steal IMHO.
It's not alway's a get what you pay for game, but this
is a get more that you paid for unit.
I cannot tell you about either of these amps. However, I can tell you that I recently went to Response Audio to hear the Daedalus Speakers and found Bill to be everything that you would want from a dealer. He is a gentleman who obviously cares quite a bit about his customers and the quality of his products/service.