Which integrated amp for Von Schweikert VR 1's?

What's a good integrated amp to go with Von Schweikert VR 1's? I've got my eyes on an Audio Refinement Complete(used). Will this amp have enough power to get the best out of the VR 1's? What about a Rotel RA-2 or an Arcam A65/85? I'd like to stay under $750USD. The setup will be in my den which is about 18'x18'. I plan on putting the speakers on stands on both sides of a 60" desk/table. This is a music only setup that I'll be playing CD's(any player suggestions?), digital cable music and music from my Mac G4(MP3/internet radio) via a Griffin iMic.

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Scott, i have the VR1s and was running them with the Antique Sound Lab MGSI 15DT integrated which although it is only 15w seemed very musical and big . Now i have that same amp running the VR2s and it works for now .Amp is often on AgoN for $500. used. John
Thanks for your input. I was worried that the VR 1's might need a lot of power to get the best out of them. Does anyone else have any input? Will a Rotel RA-02 or Arcam A65 match well with the VR 1's?

I much prefer NAD over Rotel amplification...the new ROtel sounded hard, bright, and thin...just my .o2...the NAD is not the last word in SS...but u will have to spend well over 1k to beat it...
Try the Arcam integrated. I have owned various Arcams for 24 years. All were wonderfully open and sweet sounding. Recently I helped a friend, put that exact system together. They are extremely well matched. The Arcam can play them as loudly as they can handle. Exceptional build quality and sound. Imported by Audiophile systems. Great people.
Check out their website.
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