Which Integrated Amp For Tannoy Turnberry Prestige GR Speakers

Looking for a suitable amp for Turnberry GR , SS or Tube, preferred  used under $4,000 , any suggestion? 
Bakoon makes good amps.
Amp-7511 (25 watts) with 92db speaker:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTa6a66ETuM

If you prefer transistors,  this Luxman is excellent. I heard it at a show and it was sweet and detailed.
A Pass INT30A if you can find one. The Luxman and AR are also ggod segestions.

Those Tannoys pair so well with tubes.  93db sensitivity and 5 ohm minimal impedance.  I'd find any quality tube amp over say 50 watts and you should be happy.
Take a look at Simaudio Moon amps - I have heard them with the larger style tannoy’s and it sounded verrrrry smooth - almost tube like and very detailed

Sugden class A solid state integrated amp.
Sugden  class A solid state integrated amp is nice but not a lot offered in Canada . Thanks for all the input so far I m also consider 
a Unison Research Hybrid, anyone have experience on them?


Unison Research is a very nice brand, something on my radar for a while. Which Hybrid Int. you’re considering? 

I would also recommend checking out Leben Integrated like cs600 or cs300xs. There is one cs300 currently on sale in Laval, Canada.


Here is one of my favorite video of Leben and Tannoy pairing. 

I m considering the nuovo, hybrid 90w per channel