Which integrated amp for Talon Khorus?

Any suggestions are apprecaited.
The Tenor Audio Classic 75Wi. I think it is the finest amp in the world right now.
Musical Fidelity A300
What is your budget? I would take a serious look at LFD Mistral for a lower priced product and Chord for something a bit more expensive.

Rowland Concentra 2 makes a great amp with the Khorus'
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Talon was paired with Electrocompaniet at the last audio show in New York and sounded really nice. Granted, it was a pair of $15,000.00 Nemo mono blocks, but believe it or not, much of the same sonic signature is there to be heard in EC's integrated. The Sim Audio integrated is supposed to be one of the best out there. I have experience with the Bryston integrated and was impressed with how well it drove a pair of B&W 803 Nautilus speakers. Not the most efficient pair of speakers in the world! I own the Peregrine's, and think you'll find happiness with the Electrocompaniet integrated.
Good luck!
I agree that you may not be able to do better than the Tenor 75wi OTL.
I have alot of experience with the Talon products since I ran one of their rooms at the CES show and I am A huge advocate of the advantages of integrated amps.

The very best integrated that I have heard with the Khorus X has to be the Red Rose Model 5 but it is expensive $8000.
Also realize that when I state the best that I have heard realize that all that really means is that it matches my personal taste.

The Rowland and the Aronov are both very good but they are also pricey. As a matter of fact of all the components we had available at CES the Aronov integrated with the Peregrine X's was our favorite match. The Alchemist Product 8 is very good and only retails for $1895, the Electrocompaniet EC1 4 is very good at $3000.

So the question is really down to budget. Another great piece is the Magnum Dynalab receiver MD 208 for $2975. I have not heard any integrated that has not sounded good with the Khorus be it Master Sound to AR. The key to remember is that the Khorus is very easy to drive. Whether you use tubes or solid state you should be fine.

Also realize the top end on the Khorus is a touch more laid back than the X so it depends on which Khorus speakers you have.
Thx for all the suggestion. My budget is $1500 max for a used integrated, i know it is low but since I was way out of budget for the Khorus, my girlfriend almost killed me for it.
Currently I am trying out the Magnum MD-208 but there is no bass, anyone can tell me why?
At that pricepoint, I would recommend checking out the Creek 5350SE, at 85wpc, $1495 new, about $1150 used, Stereofool rated Class A. Check out the following link for the review by Bob Reina (who uses it as a reference) and measurements by John Atkinson. I use it to drive small but powerhungry Alon Petites, and the sound makes me wonder about my unbelievably good sounding, far more expensive main system (ARC VT100MKII, Rogue 99 Magnum, Alon V MKII, various digital sources). Best of luck!
Bigboy if you are trying out the MD 208 and are getting poor bass response I would question how you have the speakers set up.

I had the MD 208 in the showroom with the Peregrines and we got excellent bass response. It was not earth shattering but good and the Peregrine's are a much more difficult load than the Khorus.

Do you have the speakers toed in almost right at you? The distance from the back wall is critical. Make sure you do not have the rear ports plugged. You only plug the ports if you were using the old Roc not with the new Roc. I realize you are not using a sub or the bass would not be an issue.

The Alchemist Product 8 integrated is very good their website is www.alchemist.uk.com. But the magnum that you are evaluating is very good assuming that it is broken in and if your budget is $1500 it must be used so it should be.

You are welcome to call me and I will discuss the set up of the speakers. 360 874 1201 Stewart
The Magnum MD208 is brand new and not fully boken-in yet.
But I don't think it will be that big a difference for the bass. Am I right?
I will try the Plinius 8200 on the Khorus next week, hope it will save the bass.
Is the Khorus broken in? All the feedback I have heard is that the Khorus takes a very, very long time to burn in. I have heard that many owners who were unhappy with the Khorus sold them a short time after buying them not knowing how long they require to burn in, and burning in makes all the difference.
I bought the Khorus used, I don't know it is broken in yet.
So, I am in the dark.