Which integrated amp for rock/metal (and why McIntosh?)

Dear all,

I recently obtained new speakers (Fyne Audio F704) and I have the idea (my wife says it too) that my NAD M32 doesn’t seem powerful enough to push music through our living room. On the Totem Winds I had before, it was less of a problem, the F704’s are really massive. I mainly listen to rock / metal, my wife likes to add some EDM/EBM (dance) in between. I’m also running a REL Carbon Special so the low is covered well :)

Which integrated amp should I look for (probably opening Pandora’s Box here) to enjoy rock/metal? The few hints I found online, were Krell and McIntosh. I’m wondering if it’s because of the "rock ’n roll name" (Krell) or the rugged look (McIntosh). I could for example get a MA9000 (300w, Class AB integrated amp) - would that be a good choice? Is it worthwhile to move from a Class D amp to AB?

Looking forward to read your input.
Thanks @stereo5 and @archguy for your concern. I can pick it up in the original box - so all ok on that side.

After reading reviews and comparing technical sheets for hours, I'm focusing on
- Hegel H590 (has all the connectivity I need)
- Gryphon Diablo 300 (as the amount of positive reviews are just massive)
- McIntosh MA9000 (as it started my hunt for the next amp)

I guess I'll contact Fyne Audio too. After all, their speaker are fairly new in the market, not much "mix & match" to be found yet.

I think the MAC might be a good choice for you, assuming you live in the US, where they can be serviced forever, but more because they have tone controls that can be very important in tuning the sound to your taste for individual recordings. Heavy rock and metal are often mixed with different priorities than acoustic music, so it’s really nice to be able to get the sound where you want it. It’s not so much of what is a "better" amplifier. Think more in terms of what suits your listening tastes. It would also be a good idea to arrange a home audition, which any decent Mac dealer should do for you.  Same with any of the high-dollar amps you are looking at.  Service is included in the dealer's margin and the customers of high-ticket items have every right to avail themselves of what they are paying for.  
Thank you for your reaction @chayro . I'm alas from Europe. Which also means the price of a McIntosh is 150% of the USA. (MA9000 = 11.000 USD => more or less 9.500 EUR ; retain price here is 14.200 EUR = more or less 16.500 USD). I bet it's the same the other way around, for EU audio brands.
I'm looking at second hand, it's the part of my system I didn't settle yet :s