which integrated amp for Mirage FRX-7 speakers?

I'd like a better amp for my Mirage speakers. I'm a newbie here, so I'd like some advice for what integrated amp might be a good match for these speakers. THe Bryston B-60 seems well liked. Generally I'm open to the <2K$ range, or are these speakers even worth messing with (I think they sound good though).
Deic...I wanted to give you my two cents worth...but must first say that I have never heard your speakers.

That said, the integrated field has been one of the best things that has happened to the high-end/2 channel market in a very long time.

These are ones I have either owned or heard for enough time to feel positive about them. The Classe Cap-100 and Cap-80...very good used values, Plinius 8200, SimAudio I-5 and the tubed Audio Research CA-50 and VAC Avatar.
I've been extremely happy with my Bryston B60R as the center of my secondary system, and would highly recommend it as a long-term purchase, especially if you are cramped for space or you plan to someday have a second system for bedroom or office, where it is the perfect choice, highly musical, reliable and unobtrusive. It will not give the slam of the big separates, but in a small system that is not really a problem.