Which integrated amp do you suggest?

Hi Everyone,
Looking to purchase an integrated amp to match my setup.
My sources include vinyl, CD's and Tidal Hi-Fi (not worried about master quality).
I have a set of Elac Debut 2.0 B6 speakers.

Looking for an amp which has a built-in DAC and the ability to network, or at least connect via laptop (for tidal streaming).

My budget is around 500-600 USD

Looking for an integrated amp which would pair nicely with the Elac's.
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There is a used Yamaha A-S501 for sale here on AG. It has DAC and Phonostage. DAC lacks USB input however so a USB/SPDIF converter would be required. They can be had for ~$100. I use a [email protected] hiface which plugs directly into computer USB port therefore negating the need for USB cable. Run coax to Yamaha.

Even new one could purchase the S501 and used converter within your budget.

Where is the Yamaha listed? I can't locate it 
Maybe NAD has what you need???
Sorry, It must have sold. I see it is no longer offered. I would check out the Yamaha A-S501 and the 701. Often found discounted online.
The 801 has USB input however is above your stated budget. 
Cambridge CXA60 or 80
You sound like an ideal candidate for a used Bluesound Powernode 2. That would have a built-in DAC and streamer and a 60 WPC NAD integrated amp. I am seeing them in Canada selling for your price manufacturer refurbished https://www.ebay.ca/i/254134654263?chn=ps&mkevt=1&mkrid=706-89093-2056-0&mkcid=2&dis... with a one-year warranty. You could also get MQA streaming from Tidal if ever you wanted it.
One more for Yamaha with those limitations (USB etc.) mesch mentioned above.
Wait for a used Outlaw 2160 to pop up. I have the older 2150 that does what I want.
I concur with the Yamaha A-S801. I have a used one that I could be convinced to let go of if interested. It was my first real integrated amp and served as the catalyst to what has become a very expensive, but very rewarding habit. I had it in service for about 6 months, so it is nicely burned in but not ragged out.
NAD C368.  Does everything you need and is upgradable.  No usb but has bluetooth.  I have one and sounds great.  You can get it refurbished on eBay with a manufacturers warranty for $675 from safe and sound hq.  Sometimes eBay has site wide discounts which will bring it down further. 
Very happy with The Krell Vanguard! (digital version)
Hello,I am building system  for a small  listening room much like yours. sources are Tidal and vinyl.  I will be purchasing an integrated amp, Sonos connect , and entry level turntable Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. I have  Martin Logan 35xt speakers in hand. It is not much compared to others on this forum, but it fits my budget, and sounds good to my ears.

I went by my local audio store last week. My salesperson, who has always steered me right, and understands my budget, suggested a Rotel A14. This model meets all my needs and you may want to take a look at it. I have a Rotel RB-1552 MkII driving my outdoor speakers and it works very well for me. Although, I am curious why no one ever mentions the Rotel brand on this forum?
+3 Yamaha A-S801

great piece - love mine. 
A few months ago I snagged a Yamaha A-S1000 for my son-in-law and it sounds so good, has such great build quality, so add another "+" to the Yamaha A-S801 opinion count.
+1 Yamaha, another happy customer of  Yamaha over the period of 2 years. My IA - RN-602 has many connectivity options  never disappointed me. It easily crank my Q Acoustic speakers 3090i. Now many advanced models introduced from past one year like RN-803 
The marantz pm8006 is an outstanding integrated amplifier. Fantastic upgraded phono stage, incredibly powerful sounding, yet refined and able to do subtlety. It has more connection options that I’ve seen on any other amp. Just keep in mind that it is fully analog. You can always pair the pm8006 with the also top notch na8006 cd/streamer. $1199 for each, but Amazon has them discounted now and then. I own both the pm8006 and the PM14s1 integrated and I’m telling you they are very close. Although the pm8006 is the more neutral, whereas the 14 has a warmer sound. Funny that not many recommend the marantz products often here...sorry to see as they are missing out on very good sound and very good value. This of course is coming from a Marantz guy😁
However in looking at your post I did just now notice your budget....and the fact you need streaming etc...(although it Is my belief full analog amps sound better) you could grab the marantz pm7005 which should take care of all your needs imo...
Onkyo A-9150

A budget amp with a good 3D soundstage and decent dac.
You won’t find a better integrated for $600 than a used Yamaha A-S801 or a new A-S501. They have a dead-quiet noise floor and their power exceeds published spec at well under 1% distortion for full bandwidth. They’re reliable and even 2 ohm stable. Bass extension and definition exceeds that of some ~$3K integrateds. Some competitors should be embarrassed really.
I think you’d be very happy with a Musical Fidelity M2si from Upscale Audio for $599. No DAC, but you could grab a Schiit Modi for another $99.
I have a fair amount of gear, SS, tube, separates, integrated and I keep coming back to my Peachtree Nova 220SE.  The DAC sounds great, it is compact and cool.  Underwood has some NOS at $1,000, but Peachtree has other models with less power that you could get used in your budget.  
Cambridge Audio CXA80. You can get one for $999 online. It is awesome and lots of power. I use a pair of Wharfedale Reva 3s with it. It has a built in DAC which I think is decent. Especially for TV use. I would get something like a Bluesound Node for streaming and DAC. You will need a separate phono stage, but you might already have that. 

The Cambridge can use a separate dongle you plug into the back that can do blue tooth. So easy streaming of Tidal from your phone, if that’s what you want to do. I have not tried that though. 

Oh I forgot to mention that I tried an Outlaw receiver from Music Direct before getting the Cambridge CXA80. No comparison really. 

Sure it is a jack of all trades, but a master of none. 
I had the Peachtree 220se and it is a great integrated, especially for $1000.  This is really reaching a sound that’s closer to $1500-$1800 if spent on secondhand seperates.

I recently bought an Anthem I225 for $825 shipped and it is a great unit as well.  I actually prefer the Anthem I225 and Audioquest Dragonfly (Red) Dac / Jitterbug combo to the Peachtree 220se but thats not to say that the Peachtree isn’t a smoking deal at $1000 with Warranty.

if you can swing it, something like the Peachtree 220se or Anthem I225 will be a step (or two) above the $600 units.  A Peachtree 220se would be something that would allow you to just focus on a speaker upgrade later on when you want more from your sound, where as buying something like that CXA80 would leave you wanting to upgrade that later on as well.  Your current speakers (along with any others) would sound better with the Peachtree 220se in my oppinion. 

I’d like to add though that the Yamaha, Marantz and Cambridge suggestions are all solid and if you can only swing $600 and not $900 then do look at those suggestions.  

I’ve only had experience (in home demo) with the CXA80 and it really is a nice unit.  Sounds great, class a/b, great aesthitcs, great build quality etc.  it’s just that the Peachtree at $300-$400 more is actually very much worth it!
The Best I had and heard was the DK even there basic one . Used for a Grand  can not go wrong