Which integrated Amp, Almarro,Cayin,Red Wine?

I'm thinking of switching from separates to an integrated amp in order to simplify my life. Currently I am using a tube amp (whose manufacturer, I won't mention at the moment)that runs at about 85 watts in tetrode and 40 watts in triode. I've been considering the following integrateds for my 22x10x9 room with acoustic ceiling and carpeted floors: Cayin A-50T, Almaro a318b and the Red Wine 30.2 (a used on puts it in about the same price range as the other 2). I'll be using speakers of 8 ohms and around 89db to start (only one change at a time). I love the tube sound and want a system that makes me want to tap my foot and feel and hear what is there. I listen to mostly live recordings or recordings made w/o studio processing or overdubs (mostly jazz & classical) Does anyone have any input on these 3 amps or a different recommendation?
Valve sound or not is first question.Red Wine will have less flexibility input and output wise but has great harmonic richness for a SS.Ask around about battery upkeep aomw have said it's no problem but I was told by former seller of Dodd Battery Pre ultimately for some it's not worth it.Good harmonics with Redwine but no valve euphonics so different sound.Both Alammaro and Cayin are good values but you may or may not want more power of Cayin (I own 40 wat EL34 EAR and it's find with speakers those specs but I don't play insanely loud).

If you want another option my friend runs speakers with those specs (B&W 805 Matrix III's) with a Cary SLI80 in triode but nice thing is if he changes Speakers he can get a lot more power on tap in pentode (double the 40 into 80 watts).So0 for $1750 to $2k used you could get double power.But Cayin is good deal. and will give more depth a and dynamics and Almarro will be richer.Just brought up Cary because 40 watts isn't too much and you could swap to hungrier speaker.It and VTL are good value unit's.But between Cayin and Alamarro you camn decide one what you want SET richness or Cayin Dynamics (or spend more on used Cary).But you should find wither and SET or push puol in same room with a Redwine and see if what you like.New Redwine tube mod option is nice but it's limited input/output and cost may not be worth it $$$ wise for me and be just what you want.You can get inputs and outputs added by Vinnie for $500 a set (I need one for digital and one for analogue minimum plus second outs for sub is nice) but dollar value not as good as tube units.but I want to hearer it with valve and new battery set up (which Vinnie say's should last loner).Just wish he made a Integrated with a bit more power and inputs outputs of his pre without as high a price tag.Obviously I have thought about it myself but at Redwine cost have thought might as well get a tube pre and a Pass J or other SS.If I dump my Ear I'd go Cary but if starting Alamarro and Cayin are good values.
If you have a chance to purchase the integrated
Aronov LS-960I running in $1000 range on Audiogon
you will get an upgrade with excellent sounding sixty watts per channel from 6550 output tubes (can sub KT90 or KT88).
The dynamic range and superb bass control and extension is complemented by very realistic and musical "sound" making your live recordings a real joy to hear.
I find that this unit never fails to optimize bass quality on any speaker, an attribute which is not often found in otherwise fine integrateds. This distinctive ability in a tube design really keeps the toes tapping with a "you are there" experience.
The only exception to both improving and simplifying your life would be the dual volume controls. But, sometimes one must suffer at least a little for beauty.
Audiomat Recital----Game over!!
I owned the Cary SLI-80 for a number of years. I've listened a fair bit, to the Red Wine, and currently own the Almarro 318b.

I admire many of their products, and the Cary is a nice piece, and offers more watts, as previously noted. I was happy with it for a long time. I did eventually discover that it is however, just a bit slow on dynamics and pace compared to some other amps I have familiarity with, and that led to me selling it.

The Almarro offers more beautifully balanced sound, with greater richness and depth. No issues at all with any slowing of dynamics or pace here, and the overall presentation is truly wonderful. Within it's wattage limits, you would have to spend a small fortune to better it. Belive me, I've tried. Read the extensive 6 Moons review to get a better idea of how good this amplifier is.

The Red Wine is somewhat limited in what it can do, insofar as inputs, outputs,etc. The sound is not typical solid state and incorporates some degree of warmth, but it will never be mistaken for a good SET amplifier. I think it is a fine product though, and it offers good control of dynamics, a balanced presentation, and sound quality well above it's cost. Again, though, it does not offer the same experience as a good SET amp, and that sounds as though it is what you are after. I do need to note that what I heard was the original amplifier, not the 30.2 version, and not with the tube option. That certainly may make some difference.

I've auditioned a number of the Cayin amps. They are beautifully built, and offer excellent value. Insofar as the A-50T, It's not the sweet spot of their lineup, IMO. I thought it's sound somewhat "polite" and definitely far less involving, rich and deep than the Almarro. Now, the Cayin A-300B would be more comparable in sound to the Almarro, but with a mere 8 watts, and at twice the cost of the A-50T.

Now, lets get to the heart of the matter. Your room size presents issues that I don't think you are effectivly dealing with. I am using the Almarro 318B in a 10x10 room, in a "nearfield" setting. My speakers sensitivity is 90 and the 18 wpc are "just" enough. In your room, at 9/22, forget it unless you listen to the speakers at a very short distance, and never listen at more than low to barely medium levels.

I honestly think you need something on the order of 40-60wpc minimum, if you listen at "normal" or louder levels. And as the commercials used to say, "that changes everything"!.

Give the above, your best options would be along the lines of used integrated tube amplifiers such as the superb Vincent V-60, a Cayin A-100T, Melody H88II, or even a Manley Stingray II. And I might also give a listen to the justifiably lauded Vincent SV-236 MKII hybrid amp available at a great price point. All will offer more power, which I strongly suspect you need. The Manley the least of the group, but it may just be enough.
As many have said in this post, Cayin units have great sound, and are great values, not to mention they are very reliable. I have the 100, 88 and VAS monoblocks.
I own the Almarro and agree with the other poster's comments. The fun of the Almarro is swapping the 6SN7 tube to change the sonic presentation. The piece only has four tubes and they're inexpensive to replace.
Leben CS-300.

There´s lots of praise on the web about that amp that come close to truth.

Trust your ears.
Thank you all for your input, thus far. This is exactly the kind of information I was hoping to get with my post. I will check out the other options mentioned. I especially want to thank Nightfall who has hit one of the main issues I've been dealing with in this pursuit. This is why I think Audiogone is so great. Each thread provides an ongoing learning experience. I hope to hear more.

I am a current owner of both the Cary SLI-80 Signature Special Edition as well as the Almarro A-318B. I also owned in the past the Cayin A-50T and A-88T.

First off, the choice of the right amp depends very much on your speaker and the balance you seek.

I've done a write up on the Cary and the Almarro, which you can refer to at http://singaporehifi.blogspot.com

Some have said that the Cayin's are warm gentle and syruppy. Once you change the stock tubes, they are not and sound very open and linear, almost to the point of sounding solid-state like (in a good way). Between the A-50 and A-88, there is a lot of difference in terms of authority and power. On paper, the difference is not much, but the sheer weight of the A-88's transformers hint that there is more to it than meets the eye.

The Almarro can sound a bit bright and is not the neatest or most resolving at either frequency extremes. That being said, it is a highly emotional amp and has truly beautiful sound that is almost unheard of in its price range. In terms of power, I would be a bit more cautious. My room is about 10x12 feet and the Almarro is almost at the limits of its power driving my Focal Utopia Be (90db sensitivity, 8 Ohms).

The Cary is powerful and can sound slow and thick or fast and open depending on choice of tubes. It resolves well and is competent. Somehow though, it cannot touch the magic
midrange of the Almarro.

Value wise, the Cayin and Almarro are outstanding value propositions. The Cary less so. If you can obtain it, the Cayin VP-100 is a good alternative to the A-88 which is a real pain to bias. The A-50 is easily biased with externally accessible pots and test points.